Jul 29, 2016 | By Andre

There are things that are manufactured with the sole purpose of infiltrating as many lives as humanly possible. The smart phone is an example of a product made with the knowledge that just about everyone has one, and most of those people will seek a new one out within a three or four year span. This, for the time being, is essentially the truth. And then when it comes to 3D printing, there remains a sense of optimism that there'll indeed be a time where every home has a 3D printer in it but the reality is we're not there quiet yet.

This being said, even when that time does arrives, the recently announced Ultimaker 2 Go Backpack will likely remain a niche commodity. But I figure the people at Ultimaker behind the accessory are just fine with that.

What is being advertised by the company is essentially a pair of durable straps that hitch onto the already portable foam case that the 3D printer comes in. It’s free with any Ultimaker 2 Go 3D printer purchase until October 10 or $69USD if you want to buy one on its own.

As a 3D printer enthusiast that has lugged around big 3D printers to more events than I can remember, I stress that the backpack add-on is indeed very practical even through my tongue-in-cheek writing tone. 3D printers are best used on a flat, steady surface but makers, designers and artists alike will always have a time where packing up their 3D printer is a must and having a compact carrying case along with back straps will make the transportation a lot more enjoyable of an experience.

Designed for the already compact 3D printer, it is meant to keep everything safe and secure, is very light so as not to add much weight, has additional space for tools and is sturdy enough to be taken with you on a plane without worry of hassle.

Also, if you do take the dive, the 3D printer company has prepared a very helpful online instruction set on how to assemble the carrying case. Based on what I see, getting the straps, top and bottom plate and strap fasteners hooked into the original printer case shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to set up so it’s unlikely someone will have to write a lengthy Instructables tutorial for the best approach.

In the end, you’re not going to find many friends if you bring the backpack onto a busy urban subway train but it’s really not a bad thing to have. For example, If I myself already owned an Ultimaker 2 Go, I would just about certainly buy these convenient straps to go along with it. And who knows, fashion acts in strange ways. The Ultimaker 2 Go Backpack might be the next fanny pack in terms of “must have” fashion accessories in the coming years!



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