Aug 1, 2016 | By Tess

There is no denying that 3D printing technologies are on the way to revolutionizing the garment and fashion industries, with many of today’s most innovative and forward thinking designers are adopting the technology for their runway collections. While most 3D printed fashions have been relegated to the runways or even to museum collections, a number of designers and startups have been making advances in 3D printed ready-to-wear. Most recently, our attention has been turned towards London-based 3D design studio Modla, which has released a line of eye-grabbing snapbacks featuring 3D printed graphics.

The collection consists of three snapback hat designs, each notable for an original and stylish 3D printed decal. The first, called “GNR”, features a three dimensional gun with red roses being erupted out of it and is meant to promote the message, “fighting war with bullets of peace”. The second, “The Route of All Evil”, consists of a geometric 3D printed skull spewing out black matter, and the third, called “Wasting Time” features a 3D printed melting clock, obviously inspired by Salvador Dali’s The Persistence of Memory painting.

According to the design collective, each of the hat’s defining embellishments was 3D printed from an SLS nylon plastic and will be attached to a cap made of wool. To ensure that the snapbacks retain some exclusivity, Modla is issuing a limited run of 100 caps for each style, each of which will be manufactured on a made-to-order basis. Considering how special the 3D printed hats are and how few will be produced, the price tag for them is pretty reasonable as well, as each style can be ordered for £70 (about $92).

in addition to the three new hat styles, Modla is also promoting a sort of DIY design contest for its clients, through which they are invited to submit their own designs for future 3D printed snapbacks. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to be an expert 3D modeller to participate, as the design studio is only asking for a “simple sketch or image” that they can turn into a 3D printable badge. If your idea or image ends up being chosen by the Modla designers, a hat featuring it will be added to the snapback collection and you’ll be entitled to a percentage of the profits (10% to be exact).

“We’ve always seen 3D printing as a tool to create art,” explains Modla Founder Jon Fidler. “We’ve worked with fashion designers in the past, to develop highly intricate prototypes, but this makes the 3D print an actual part of the final piece of clothing. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen, so we’re excited to see how it goes down. If people like it, there’s plenty more from where this came from!”

Modla, which has worked with brands the likes of Nike and Converse to make stunning 3D printed installations and art pieces, has been exploring to the potentials of 3D printing within the fields of design and art. The collection of 3D printed snapbacks is their latest effort in this exploration, and one we are sure will be fruitful. To get your hands on one of Modla’s stunning and frankly really cool snapbacks, be sure to check out their online shop before the limited edition hats are all bought up!



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