Aug 26, 2016 | By Benedict

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) and Boeing are expected to receive the Guinness World Records title for largest solid 3D printed item, according to a media advisory. Their 3D printed tool, used to manufacture the Boeing 777X jet, will be officially measured on Monday, August 29.

A decade ago, most casual readers of the Guinness Book of World Records would not have understood the meaning of the “world’s largest solid 3D printed item.” In 2016, however, as experts get out their measuring tapes in preparation for an official, invitation-only ceremony taking place on Monday, the award represents a significant achievement—both for the joint recipients and the burgeoning industry as a whole.

The creators of the record-breaking 3D print, the Department of Energy’s ORNL and aerospace giant Boeing, have been working together to create the first 100% digitally manufactured tools in an industrial autoclave setting, demonstrating that 3D printed parts can be used in the tooling industry to reduce manufacturing costs and energy requirements. While creating a record-breaking 3D printed object was never a primary concern for the two companies, the achievement does demonstrate the huge scale on which they are both working.

“ORNL printed the lower-cost tool in only 30 hours using carbon fiber and ABS thermoplastic composite materials,” the media advisory said. “At 17.5 feet long, 5.5 feet wide, and 1.5 feet tall, the structure is comparable in length to a large sport utility vehicle, weighs approximately 1,650 pounds, and exceeds the required minimum size of 0.3 cubic meters, or approximately 10.6 cubic feet, to achieve the title.”

The invitation-only Guinness World Records ceremony will take place at 11 a.m. Monday, August 29, at ORNL’s Manufacturing Demonstration Facility at 2370 Cherahala Boulevard, off Pellissippi Parkway at Hardin Valley Road. The media has been invited, and expected attendees include ORNL’s Bill Peter, Vlastimil Kunc, and Brian Post; Boeing’s Mike Matlack; and Guinness World Records judge Michael Empric.

3D printing is currently featuring heavily in Guinness World Records activities. Earlier this week, a 3D printed Batman outfit was awarded the record for most functional gadgets on a cosplay suit for the Guinness World Records 2017: Gamer’s Edition. The incredible suit, which lets imaginative (and tall) cosplayers become the legendary Dark Knight whenever they please, features a total of 23 inbuilt gadgets, including smoke bombs, a grapnel gun, and a respirator.

Outside of the gaming world, British startup Backface were awarded the honor of “tallest 3D printed human” earlier this year when they unveiled a 2.05 m (6 ft 8”) 3D printed sculpture of Jon Bentley, presenter of UK television program The Gadget Show. “The record attempt was already a challenge but attempting to print something this size on a full-color 3D printer made the achievement even more exciting,” said Backface’s Tim Milward. “However, I'd have to say the most difficult part was carrying the finished, assembled model down the stairs at our studio!”



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