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A Kickstarter campaign for The Wizard Set, a set of “magical” RPG-friendly dice prototyped on a 3D printer, has raised 14 times its original target. After setting a $27,000 goal, Wizard Set creator PolyHero Dice has now received over $370,000 in backing.

We love a geeky 3D printing project here at 3Ders, and this magical polyhedral dice set from PolyHero Dice might be one of the geekiest yet. Surprisingly, however, an unstoppable Kickstarter campaign suggests that The Wizard Set might also be one of the most lucrative crowdfunding endeavors of the summer. The Wizard Set, a magical rethinking of PolyHero’s previous combat-themed The Warrior Set, has raised more than $370,000 in pledges, despite each set costing a more-than-reasonable $15.

A polyhedral die, for the uninitiated, is any die which has more than the standard six faces. These special dice, uncommon in your average board or card game, are used in many elaborate table-top role playing games such as the incredibly popular Dungeons and Dragons. Polyhedral dice are easy to get hold of, but some gamers prefer to add a special touch to their gameplay with customized, thematic dice. Australian company PolyHero Dice, which consists of two brothers with experience in 3D animation, graphic design, and RPGs, has gained a reputation for creating some of the most beloved designs in the community, with last year’s Warrior Set receiving over $92,000 in Kickstarter funds.

Dann and Greg May, the minds behind PolyHero, have now returned with a completely new set of dice, once again turning to 3D printing technology to help in the prototyping stage. The Wizard Set consists of seven RPG dice—the standard for most games of the genre—each with a stunning detailed design. Featuring objects such as wands, potion jars, scrolls, and fireballs, the Wizard Set offers a completely different style to the Warrior Set, which featured gauntlets, shields, and daggers. Best of all, the Wizard Set is available in some incredible finishes, including transparent red “Dragonfire with Brimstone,” pearlized cream “Parchment with Black Ink,” clear blue “Ethereal Ice with Burning Blue,” purple “Violet Storm with Lightning,” pearlized blue “Lapus Lazuli with Glittering Gold,” and black “Shadow with Demon’s Eye.” Further color combinations will be added when the campaign hits certain targets.

The Wizard Set:

  • Four-sided bolt
  • Six-sided fireball
  • Eight-sided scroll
  • 10-sided potion
  • 10-sided “percentile” potion
  • 12-sided wand
  • 20-sided orb

According to PolyHero, each die in The Wizard Set was modelled and tested using 3D modelling software, before being 3D printed for further testing. A great deal of care had to go into designing each piece, since perfect balance is absolutely vital for a fair and unbiased roll. “We don't claim the dice are as balanced as casino machined dice, but we design them using principles such as centre-of-mass and lines of symmetry to make sure the dice are fully functional and randomized for general use,” PolyHero explained. The final dice set will not be 3D printed.

RPG-lovers everywhere can now preorder The Wizard Set through its riotously popular Kickstarter page. A single set is available for $15, but there are discounts available for those buying multiple sets. Worldwide shipping for the single set is $4, and the estimated delivery has been set at May 2017. As part of an immediately activated Stretch Goal, each backer will also receive a two-sided Spellbook die with their order.



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