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3Doodler, the makers of the world’s very first 3D printing pen, have just announced the launch of their latest product: the 3Doodler PRO. The PRO, which marks the fifth product in the company’s 3D printing pen series (after the 3Doodler came the 3Doodler 2.0, the 3Doodler Create, and the 3Doodler Start), is geared towards creative professionals who want to utilize a more advanced and precise 3D printing pen.

What sets the 3Doodler PRO apart from its predecessors you might ask? Well, perhaps the most exciting advancement we’ve seen with the new product is the expansion of materials that the pen can print with. That is, in addition to the 3Doodler’s regular printing materials, which include ABS, PLA, and FLEXY plastics, the PRO can extrude bronze and copper based filaments, as well as wood, nylon, and polycarbonate filaments. The new materials offer a range of new finishing styles and advantageous properties, especially for professional users. The wood filament for instance, made from real wood fibers, can be sanded or stained in a wide variety of finishes, the metal filaments can also be sanded or polished, the nylon filament can be dyed different colors using standard fabric dye, and the polycarbonate offers makers a strong material with a high melting point.

In addition to the new materials, the 3Doodler PRO has improved function control through a number of new adjustable dials. Specifically, the dials let the user control both the speed and temperature they are printing at, and a new integrated high-speed variable fan gives makers a greater level of control in terms of cooling their materials. The fan can be controlled by a side switch on the 3D printing pen which indicates whether the fan should be off or running on low or high. To top off the new adjustable features, a LCD display lets the user see what settings are at all times.

The 3D printing pen itself, which even looks more professional than its predecessors, is encased in a lightweight black carbon-fiber shell and features a soft padding for comfortable use. The sleek design is sure to appeal to the professionals the pen is geared towards, which include architects, engineers, artists, and more. The new pen also features a new and improved drive system, which helps the 3Doodler PRO perform well for longer periods of time and even through intense usage.

“Beyond the numerous upgrades, what really makes the PRO so unique is how the device and materials come together to answer the needs of professionals,” explains Maxwell Bogue, Co-founder and CEO of 3Doodler. “When we started the 3Doodler journey back in 2013, we had world-leading architects telling us "I want to do this". "This" was a quick wave of the pen in the air, with plastic solidifying in its wake. With new materials like polycarbonate that dream is a reality. The high-performance PRO can be used for the most advanced of purposes to bring concepts to life, and become an integral part of the creative process.”

The 3Doodler PRO is retailing for $249 and will be available as of today at the MoMA Design Store. After the initial launch, the professional grade 3D printing pen will also be available through a number of retailers including Barnes & Noble, Macy’s, Of course, the 3D printing pen can also be ordered through the 3Doodler website.

With the new range of materials available to 3Doodler PRO users, we are very excited to see what amazing projects can be realized with the new product, and what the creative minds in the 3Doodling community will come up with!



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