Sep 1, 2016 | By Tess

Visitors to China's Da Yang Mountain will now be able to rest easy as WinSun China, the 3D printing company responsible for some of the most impressive 3D printed apartment blocks and villas ever made, has unveiled its most recent creation: a 3D printed public toilet. Yes, that’s right, a 3D printed johnny-on-the-spot. The 3D printed public washrooms (which might have people rushing to them for more reasons than one) were recently presented at the touristic Da Yang Mountain in Suzhou, China.

If you’re wondering where the idea for 3D printed restrooms came from, it is not as out of the blue as you might think, as China’s National Tourism Bureau has been pushing for a “toilet revolution” throughout the country in an effort to improve its public toilets, especially for tourism purposes. In fact, just one year ago China’s International Tourism Expo even featured a portable toilet exhibition in which a number of designers introduced new and innovative toilet designs (readers might remember this particular 3D printed toilet design).

WinSun’s own 3D printed toilet design was in response to the call for new and innovative toilet systems, and the results look promising. As mentioned, the new public restrooms have been installed in the scenic Da Yang Mountain area in Suzhou, which attracts a large number of tourists. Keeping the location in mind, WinSun wanted to create something that blended well with the natural scenery and was even harmonious with it. That is, rather than a conspicuous line of bright blue porta-potties, WinSun designed a cohesive installment for its public restrooms which are decorated and surrounded by brightly colored giant 3D ginkgo leaves. From afar, one might even wonder what the structure was.

Impressively, the whole site of the public toilets, from the underground infrastructure, to the interior and exterior of the building, and even to the decorations around it, was 3D printed. As WinSun is known for, the parts for the toilet structure were all 3D printed in their factory and were transported to the site where they were easily assembled. Even for the installation, only minimal equipment (a single crane) and three workers were needed to put the pieces together.

WinSun also used its 3D printing systems to make the parts for the drainage facility at Da Yang Mountain. This is not the first time it has worked with 3D printed drainage, however, as WinSun has been exploring the uses of 3D printing in many urban construction areas, including urban water supply, drainage, sanitation, landscaping, underground utilities, and ancillary facilities.

We can imagine that if the feedback from visitors is positive about the recently unveiled 3D printed toilets that the new porta-potty trend might just take off!



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