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Shanghai-based design studio Xuberance has certainly been establishing itself as a groundbreaking and ambitious force within the 3D printing design world. In 2015, for instance, the design company impressed its audiences with two beautifully stunning and original 3D printed wedding dresses and was awarded the prestigious SaloneSatellite Award at Milan Design Week for its gorgeous 3D printed “Sheng…Tang” jewelry collection. Now, the Chinese design firm is broadening its horizons even more within the field of 3D printed design as it has announced it will soon be opening Shanghai’s first ever 3D printing-themed coffee shop.

What does a 3D printing-themed coffee shop consists of? Well, according to Xuberance, the new café will feature 3D printed lighting fixtures, tableware, and coffee mugs, as well as 3D printed sweets. As you might’ve guessed, all of the 3D printed products in the café will be specially designed by the local design firm, with the exception of the 3D printed candies which will be manufactured by 3D System’s SugarLab in the United States. These will reportedly be available only for a limited time.

For the moment, the opening date of the new 3D printing café in Shanghai have not been divulged, but things with the coffee shop’s setup seem to be moving along quickly, if the photos are any indication at least! We’ll be sure to check up on the progress of Xuberance’s 3D printing-themed coffee shop, which will undoubtedly draw many visitors with its innovative and frankly, very beautiful designs. Just look at that fork, it’s really a piece of art.

Xuberance, based in Shanghai, China, is currently made up of a team of 11 people, though with more and more projects underway, the team continues to grow. If their 3D printing café is a success, we can imagine the trend catching on in a big way!

Xuberance's 3D printing themed café is located in Room 103 of the Twin Tower (Xin Zhuan Road) in Songjiang district, Shanghai.

London also recently opened a 3D printing-themed restaurant called Food Ink., which features gourmet 3D printed meals as well as beautifully designed 3D printed lights, tables, and seating.



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