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Print me up, Scotty! Star Trek fans and players of the popular MMORPG Star Trek Online received excellent news this week after Cryptic Studios, Perfect World, and CBS announced that they have been working with San Francisco-based 3D prnting company Eucl3D to offer a huge range of fully licensed 3D printed models of Star Trek spacecraft. The gamer-oriented 3D printing company Eucl3D has been granted permission by the franchise to launch an in-game printing service for Star Trek Online, giving fans the chance to order physical versions of the USS Enterprise, Defiant, or whatever ship they happen to command (or admire) in the MMORPG.

At present, Trekkies can choose from around 400 3D printed models, all of which have been sourced from Star Trek Online. Furthermore, gamers will have the chance to fully customize various aspects of their chosen vessel, including its coloration, 3D printing material, shield material variants, and other technical details. Each model can also be assigned its own name and registry number to ensure that each vessel is unique to its captain. Each 3D printed model will measure around 12 inches in length, and will be built in the U.S. by Eucl3D.

“Whether it is a Federation Cruiser, a Klingon Bird of Prey, or a Romulan Warbird, create a fleet of real life replicas comprised of your favorite ships from Star Trek Online, complete with your customized styles, patterns, colors and more,” Eucl3D states on its website. “From inside Star Trek Online you can order ANY of your favorite spacecraft to be shipped to your door wherever you are on the globe. Every ship is created in U.S.A. using the latest in full-color 3D printing.”

Founded by three Berkeley graduates, Eucl3D is a digital-to-print service aimed squarely at gamers. The company allows customers to choose in-game avatars, objects, vehicles etc. and is able to transform the digital data for those items into structurally sound, 3D printable files. These models are then 3D printed on a 3D Systems ProJet 660 full-color 3D printer. After 3D printing, a layer of super glue is applied to the model to make it ultra-robust and glossy, before a final layer of wax is added for paint preservation. Each model is then wrapped up and sent to the customer, anywhere in the world.

The 3D printed Star Trek spacecraft project is a collaboration between Eucl3D, Star Trek Online developer Cryptic Studios, MMORPG specialist Perfect World, and television network CBS. Cryptic Studios’ Stephen Ricossa, producer of Star Trek Online, has expressed his deep satisfaction with the 3D printed ships, telling Eucl3d: “They look absolutely incredible!”

Those interested in the 3D printed Star Trek Online models are encouraged to sign up to the Eucl3D mailing list for further updates.



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Sad Trekkie wrote at 3/20/2017 10:25:37 PM:

Maybe you can update this article, the Eucl3d company has shut its doors making these ships a memory of the past.

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