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10 double-decker buses have gone on a nationwide tour to promote the new Ghostbusters movie dressed in vinyl wraps that could only have come from the Massivit 1800 3D printer.

New York-based print company Carisma created the 14-foot rendition of the legendary ‘No-Ghost’ sign that has been a part of the Ghostbusters legend since the first film hit the silver screen in 1984. Now the franchise is back with an all-girl cast and it’s almost certainly going to be one of the biggest films of the year.

When the film producers came to Carisma, it was looking for a visually stunning way to capture the public attention and inevitably wanted to include the film’s signature image. Sony Pictures used a similar graphic for the Angry Birds film and was amazed by the impact it had.

“When it comes to creating stunning projects with the attention-grabbing wow factor guaranteed to create a stir, then our Massivit 1800 3D Printer is our method of choice,” said Carisma CEO Moshe Gil. “Visually-appealing bus wraps are not a new application area for companies like ours, but the capability to offer 3D printed versions takes that application to new creative frontiers.

“The impact of the bus wraps was incredible, particularly at night when the public were drawn into the eerie glow. Most importantly, our client was delighted that the project achieved the objective of producing a huge buzz ahead the movie’s launch. Sony Pictures was so blown away by the attention generated by 'The Angry Birds' campaign that it sought something similar."

3D printing has helped creatives come up with new ways to market their products and the Massivit 1800 3D printer has revolutionized point of sale marketing and the world of promotional products.

Making a much bigger 3D printer is a relatively simple concept, but making it work was much more complex. The Israeli company refused to be beaten by the technical challenge, though, and finally found a solution called Gel Dispensing Printing that uses UV light to create a hard polymer that shares a lot of characteristics with ABS.

The system can print at 1000mm/s and that has opened up a world of opportunities for commercial 3D printing. Products that took serious planning and a number of parts can now be created in one piece and Massivit has proven its skills by producing a two-meter shark, a bull and all manner of other items.

The company is now reaping the rewards of its hard work. It launched the bigger Massivit 1800 3D printer at Drupa earlier in the year and now commercial 3D printing facilities around the world are using the fact they have a Massivit on the premises as a selling point. Stratasys invested heavily in the company earlier this year and this is a unique product that keeps getting exploited in new and exciting ways.

It has endless potential and the chance to 3D print large, seamless plastic creations means that it’s potentially one of the fastest ways to make large-scale molds for commercial applications. So while the Massivit has been embraced by the creative industries for point-of-sale and promotional tools, it has far more strings to its bow.

For this campaign, Carisma used Dimengel material to create the contoured, three-dimensional wraps that really ‘pop’ from the side of the bus. Combining the Dimengel mold with the vinyl wrap is a stroke of genius and highlights just what you can do with a machine of this caliber.

It simply wouldn’t have been cost-effective with old manufacturing processes as the wrap takes heat to apply and a lightweight thermoplastic mold under the wrap would almost certainly have collapsed during the installation. Carisma used to rely on cut acrylic, PVC boards and lenticular lenses. It worked, but it was a far more labor-intensive and expensive process than simple 3D printing on a grand scale.

We can expect to see far more of these ambitious promotional tools now that the film companies have the Massivit 3D at their disposal. We’re looking forward to seeing what Hollywood comes up with next, but we’re just as curious to see what the industrial world will make of the Massivit 3D when it finally gets its head around this large-scale printer with near limitless potential.



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