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3D design and printing studio 3DNA recently collaborated with popular computer hardware manufacturer Cooler Master UK to bring a new level of customization and personalization to their products. Founded by maker Simone Fontana (who showed us how to make awesome 3D printed graphic t-shirts) and Ricardo Salomao, 3DNA has committed itself to turning everyday objects into interesting and imaginative 3D printed pieces.

The design studio’s latest project was to design custom keycaps and covers for three of Cooler Master UK’s products, the MasterAir Maker 8 CPU air cooler, the MakerPulse Over Ear with Bass FX headphones, and its range of keyboards. Not only did 3DNA design custom keycaps and pieces, however, but it was present at the recent INSOMNIA58 gaming festival in Coventry, England. That is, Simone Fontana (pictured below) was present during the event at Cooler Master’s booth, where he 3D printed a selection of custom designed pieces live with the help of two Ultimaker 3D printers.

If you were lucky enough to attend the event, and purchased one of Cooler Masters’ keyboards, you might even have taken some of 3DNA’s custom keycaps home with you. According to Fontana, at the event itself, the feedback from attendees and fellow games was enormously positive. As he told 3Ders, “A lot of people were stopping at the stand watching the Ultimakers print the designs. They asked what I was printing and after I explained that I was printing custom designs for specific Cooler Master products, we had all positive reactions.”

As Fontana explains, each of the designs, from the Cooler Master logo, to the Yoda head covers, were designed using Rhino 3D, Fusion 360 and Zbrush. For the actual 3D printing, 3DNA used two Ultimaker 3D printers: the Ultimaker 2+ and the Ultimaker 2 Go, both using a range of FormFutura filaments, including its PLA, HDGlass, and EasyWood filaments.

The custom 3D printed pieces for their various products is part of Cooler Master UK’s ongoing “Make It Yours” campaign, which is aimed at including end users and gaming communities more in their product development. In fact, 3DNA’s collaboration with Cooler Master UK was part of this campaign, as the hardware manufacturer is seeking to partner with and encourage makers to personalize and adapt Cooler Master’s diverse range of products.

This is just the latest of 3DNA’s awesome 3D printing projects and products. If you like their stuff, be sure to check out some of their previous work here:



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