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Nearly one year ago, French 3D printing startup Dagoma released the Discovery200, a DIY 3D printer kit that amazed makers with its low price tag of just 299 euros. Shortly after, the Discovery200 was proceeded by the Explorer350 beta, a more professionally oriented 3D printer. Now, after experiencing success with their first 3D printers (having sold over 4,000 units in two years time), the promising startup has raised an astounding 3 million euros in funding, which it will use to expand its products, business, and services across France and abroad.

The large investment comes largely from lead investor Olivier Leclerq, one of France’s most illustrious businessmen, the vice-president of Decathlon Oxylane, the world’s largest integrated sporting goods retailer, and owner of Olivarius Hotels. The entrepreneur’s significant investment in Dagoma not only shows the promise of the small startup, but will allow them to grow considerably. That is, with the 3 million euros, Dagoma will seek to increase its small workforce from 26 employees to 41 employees by the end of the year.


The new investment will also allow the 3D printer manufacturer to expand within France and even abroad, establishing new offices in Pessac, a city near Bordeaux. Notably, by opening an office near Bordeaux, the Roubaix-based company will expand beyond its current reach in the North of France into the South. In line with this, Dagoma has also announced that it will be launching the first ever Dago’Center, a training center that will offer its users on-demand 3D printing, a co-working space, as well as customer support services.

Dagoma, which was founded in 2014 by Matthew Regnier and Gauthier Vignon, is just one of a number of promising 3D printing startups in France who are seeking to have an impact on the 3D printer market. In addition to Spiderbot’s Delta 3D printer kits, Tobeca’s open source 3D printers, and a number of others, Dagoma is no doubt competing within a fruitful market. With the new investment, however, the company may gain a competitive edge both in its services and its range of products.

Matthew Regnier and Gauthier Vignon

According to the company, it is also preparing to launch its latest 3D printer model, the DiscoEasy200, which is being marketed as a new and improved version of the original Discovery200 3D printer. The DiscoEasy200 will boast a build volume of 200 x 200 x 200mm, with a print speed of up to 100mm/s and a precision of 100 microns. Amazingly, the new 3D printer will keep the same price tag as the original Discovery200, retailing for €299 as a kit, and €399 for the fully assembled version.

Additionally, owners of the Discovery200 will be able to upgrade their existing kits to the DiscoEasy200 for only €89—this reduced kit will include all the new electronic components needed, while all upgraded parts will be available through for free download through Thingiverse.

With the 3 million euro investment, there is little doubt that Dagoma will continue to innovative and advance the affordable 3D printer market, both within France and potentially around the globe.




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Ezra wrote at 9/20/2016 12:42:29 PM:

Félicitacions, messieurs ! (et mesdames aussi...)

I.AM.Magic wrote at 9/20/2016 9:52:56 AM:

Bon chance mes amis les français, ne faites pas comme les autres start-up françaises en fab-additive.

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