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MarkForged, the Cambridge, Massachusetts-based 3D printer manufacturer known for its innovative continuous fiber filament (CFF) technology, has been experiencing a productive year, with significant growth in its business and a large expansion of its distributors.

In the first half of 2016, for instance, MarkForged sales grew by 147% year over year, and as of September, its popular Mark Two 3D printer has been sold and adopted in over 50 countries worldwide. The company has also reported a staggering growth of 60% in its network of Value Added Resellers from the end of 2015, for a total of over 85 resellers worldwide.

MarkForged, the manufacturer of the only 3D printer capable of producing aluminum-strength parts using a continuous carbon fiber technology, launched its its Mark Two 3D printer earlier this year along with its latest material, a carbon-filled nylon called Onyx. The Mark Two 3D printer, which boasts being 40% faster than its predecessor the Mark One, proved to be an immense success, with thousands of units being sold to all areas of the world. As a press release states, the Mark Two has been purchased from a wide variety of companies, from motorcycle racing companies in South Africa, to machine shops in the U.S., to research labs and giant industrial companies around the globe.

MarkForged’s patented continuous fiber filament technology, also known as CFF, was designed to work in tandem with the company’s Eiger software, which automatically generates a fiber pattern within 3D models so that they are printed with the highest and most optimal strength properties. This innovative technology, along with MarkForged’s range of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and even kevlar 3D printing materials, have allowed for makers and companies to create high quality tooling parts, fixtures, and complex custom designed parts.

“Professionals and large enterprises are seeing the value of what we can provide them - something much beyond just another prototyping 3D printer at a price well below metal 3D printing with comparable strength,” says Greg Mark, founder and CEO of MarkForged. “The real benefit comes from shortening development cycles and saving time, cost, and materials to create end-use, reinforced strong parts.”

A number of clients, including Unilever, and windows manufacturer Arow Global have testified to the advantages of MarkForged’s 3D printing technology, noting a significant reduction in both time and cost for producing parts. According to a representative from Unilever, MarkForged’s 3D printers have allowed them to make parts in-house for a fraction of the cost of sending them out to a third party manufacturer. He says, “When we want to develop this part ourselves, it takes 24 hours. Normally it'd be about $50 if we want to send it to another company to make it for us. The same part costs about $10 on the 3D printer.”

Similarly, a product designer engineer from Arow Global stated that MarkForged’s additive manufacturing has opened the doors for what can be designed and produced for the business, stating that the complex machining designs for drill jigs capable on the 3D printer would have been impossible using other manufacturing techniques.

As the Massachusetts-based 3D printer company continues to grow, there is no doubt that they will keep advancing 3D printing technologies and releasing new and exciting products. As Greg Mark adds, “This is only the beginning for us. Our innovation isn’t slowing down. There are new products in development that will be on the market later this year, and we will continue to build out our ever expanding global reach.”



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