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3D Systems has launched Jaw in a Day, the latest addition to its Virtual Surgical Planning (VSP) product line. The process enables surgeons to create patient-specific 3D printed surgical guides, models, and instruments for jaw and dental reconstruction surgery.

With traditional dental rehabilitation requiring multiple surgeries and constant care over a 6-12 month period, patients are often left with missing teeth for a prolonged period of time as the process endures. Unsurprisingly, missing teeth can inflict a variety of adverse effects—aesthetic, functional, and psychological—on a patient, ultimately interfering with their social and working lives. In order to provide patients with a less distressing and time-consuming jaw and dental reconstruction procedure, 3D Systems has introduced a product which utilizes 3D printing to assist surgeons.

Jaw in a Day, 3D Systems’ newest addition to its VSP product line, is a single-surgery jaw and dental reconstruction process. Using the product, surgeons can work with 3D Systems engineers who use CAD/CAM technology to create a personalized surgical plan, as well as 3D printed surgical guides, models, and instruments, all of which are tailored to the individual surgery and patient. A provisional dental prosthesis eliminates the need for multiple surgeries, meaning patients can undergo complete dental reconstruction much faster than with traditional treatments.

“The benefit of Jaw in a Day is that we can do one surgical procedure that involves reconstructing the bone of the upper or lower jaw, placing dental implants, and a dental rehabilitation, all in one surgery,” explained David L. Hirsch, DDS, MD, Director of Oral Oncology & Reconstruction, Lenox Hill Hospital/Northwell Health, and Co-Developer of Jaw in a Day. “The nice thing about doing that is it prevents multiple surgeries needed for the patient, as well as decreased costs of multiple hospitalizations, as well as allowing the patient to eat and smile and talk a lot sooner than traditional methods of reconstruction [would allow].”

According to 3D Systems, there are numerous other advantages to using Jaw in a Day over traditional options. For one, the procedure generally offers a quicker recovery period. Furthermore, because just a single operation is required, chances of infection and complications are reduced. “This single-stage reconstruction technique has streamlined the treatment of my patients,” Hirsch added. “It avoids multiple procedures, shaving months off the time required for full dental rehabilitation.”

Earlier this year, 3D Systems opened a 70,000-square-foot Healthcare Technology Center in Littleton, Colorado. The facility is equipped with a full portfolio of precision healthcare and medical 3D printing solutions, including 3D surgical training simulators, 3D medical imaging equipment, and 3D printers for fabricating personalized medical devices. The facility now serves as 3D Systems’ global healthcare hub.



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