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While Materialise is by far the biggest 3D printing company to have grown out of Belgium’s innovative climate, the country is absolutely packed with refreshing 3D printing startups that are unveiling one 3D printing breakthrough after another. Just last month, Belgian studio VIGO Universal 3D printed an actual, full-scale Stargate portal. But none of those projects would’ve been possible without the country’s very open high-tech sector, and startup Cr3do has just completed a spectacular 3D printed tribute to the Corda Campus in Hasselt – one of the biggest innovation hotspots in the country. They have 3D printed a scale model of the campus, the biggest of its kind in Belgium.

This achievement is extra remarkable because Cr3do (short for Creating 3D-Objects) has only been around since 2015, and is based on the Corda Campus in Hasselt. Back in April of this year that Cr3do launched their 3D printing services through two new websites, one of which was completely focused on the architecture sector. “3D scale models are simple, quick and sustainable solutions for architects, contractors and project developers that want to physically visualize their prestigious projects,” founder Jens Raskin said of their specialized services. However, they are also offering 3D printing solutions for anything from engineering prototypes to company logos.

Despite their quality services, Cr3do is still very much a startup that is working hard to expand their solutions and production capacity. They recently won the JCI enterprising competition and were awarded the ‘Student Startup of the Year’ award during the Tech Startup Day Awards. Thanks to their tumultuous growth, they started renting a bigger office on the Corda Campus in Hasselt at the beginning of the year. “From here, the technological hotspot of Limburg, our team is working to expand our platform to other niche markets,” Raskin explained.

Images credit: cr3Do

And through their collaboration with the Corda Campus, they immediately produced a huge showpiece. The scale model is a massive 3 by 2.40 meters in size, easily making it the biggest 3D printed scale model in Belgium. As Raskin explained, 3D printing is dynamic enough for a growing entity like the Corda Campus, which is spread out over a large number of buildings. “The scale model is modular in nature and divided into several islands. Once the campus grows and elements need to be added to the scale model, we just have to take out the island in question and adjust it. If the Corda Campus went for a conventional manufacturing solution, we would’ve had to implement their five-year plan immediately.”

That sensible and high-tech approach also appealed to the campus itself, which represents technology and innovation within Belgium. Opting for 3D printing was thus a very conscious decision, says Executive Director Raf Degens. “But we also want to offer the best possible support to the companies inhabiting the campus. The scale model will be an eye-catcher on our website and will be used during the Corda Experience, a site tour that starts in October. The scale model will help visitors find their way around and get to grips with the campus. And once the campus expands, the model will as well. 3D printing will ensure that it always stays up-to-date,” Degens said.



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