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Founded in 2012 near Strasbourg, France, BeAM has become a promising force within the field of metal 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing.The young company, which in 2015 generated a turnaround of 1.25 million euros, is expecting to increase its sales to 7 million euros in 2016, and promises to increase its profit in the future. Notably, BeAM was also recently awarded the Start-up of the Year Prize for the category of “Exceptional Entrepreneurs” by EY and L’Express in France’s eastern region.

Over the past four years, BeAM has become recognized for its Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) technology, an additive manufacturing system through which metal powders are put through a proprietary CLAD nozzle, which extrudes the powder while simultaneously melting it with a laser beam.

Despite there being a number of metal 3D printing methods and companies out there, BeAM’s technique has remained relatively unique because of the fact that it is not only geared towards the production of new metal parts, but can also be used to repair existing parts. In fact, according to the company’s president Emeric d’Arcimoles, BeAM has only one direct competitor, industry leader American Optomec, whose LENS 3D printing system is also marketed for the purpose of repairing industrial metal parts and components.

As d’Arcimoles explained, “Several 3D printing processes coexist, but ours allows for the repair of parts. This will change many things in the industry, particularly in aeronautics.” Among other advantages, being able to repair parts will eliminate the need to replace damaged parts, such as turbines, which will effectively also eliminate extra production costs as well as the cost of storing spare parts.

Part of BeAM’s success since its founding in 2012 is owed to its “ecosystem of major partners”, which include Fives, Safran, Chromalloy, IREPA LASER, GeonX, and more. With their support, the additive manufacturing company has successfully grown and continues to grow as a force within the metal 3D printing industry, continually advancing its technologies and its reach. So far, the company has gone through two funding rounds: one in 2014 which raised 1 million euros, and one in March of 2016 which raised 3 million. According to a source, the French company is planning its next fundraising round for the end of 2017.

As part of its growth, BeAM founded BeAM Machines Inc. this past May in Hebron, Kentucky. The subsidiary marks the company’s growing interest in the American market and global market. Frédéric Sanchez, the Chairman of the Board of Management of Fives Group, said of the company: “The potential for growth is considerable. The U.S. market is reaching out to us, and I see the potential for a turnover of 30 million euros within three years.”

The French company is also hoping to expand its workforce over the next couple years, by growing from a currently small team to over 50 employees by 2018.

All in all, it seems that BeAM truly has its sights set on success and growth within the metal 3D printing industry, and considering their early successes, it seems totally feasible for the young company to become an industry leader.




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