Oct 4, 2016 | By Benedict

BigRep, a Berlin-based provider of large-scale 3D printing solutions and filament, has introduced BigRep Pro HT, a high-temperature 3D printing filament and ABS alternative. The filament costs €129.95 ($145) for a 2.5 kg spool.

In its efforts to produce 3D printing materials suitable for low printing temperature 3D printers with open and unheated build chambers, BigRep has created BigRep Pro HT, a high-performance ABS alternative with high levels of UV resistance and heat resistance up to 115°C. The material, which is renewable and fully biodegradable, has a very low warp effect, maintaining the structure of a 3D printed object even with different cooling temperatures across layers. CO2 neutral and environmentally friendly, it has a much lower ecological impact than thermoplastics like ABS which are derived from fossil fuels.

According to BigRep, the new 3D printing material can be used for outdoor 3D printing applications, such as minor architectural construction. “We are convinced that the future of large-scale 3D printing lies mainly in material research,” said René Gurka, CEO of BigRep. “Thanks to its very high heat-resistant capabilities, UV and weather resistance, and extremely high strength properties, [BigRep Pro HT] is especially suited for outdoor applications.”

BigRep Pro HT (black) vs. ABS (white)

BigRep Pro HT could prove particularly useful for those using large-scale 3D printers, such as BigRep’s own BigRep One, which made it into our list of the 20 biggest 3D printers earlier this year. With a build volume of a cubic meter, the BigRep One is able to print entire pieces of furniture in a single print, as it proved at the 2014 edition of Euromold. The giant 3D printer can be purchased directly from the company. BigRep, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is also a specialist in serial 3D printing, and recently showcased its “factory of the future” vision at an event in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

BigRep ONE 3D printer

Using BigRep Pro HT, users of the BigRep One and other large-scale 3D printers will now be able to print large, warp-free objects in different environments. “The BigRep Pro HT has been specially designed for high-performance applications critical in technical industries, such as the production of sizable plastic components,” Gurka said. “Our new filament signals the beginning of a range of further material innovations that we are working on and which we will successively introduce to the market.”

BigRep Pro HT is available in three spool sizes: 2.5 kg (€129.95 or $145), 4.5 kg (€239.95 or $270), and 8 kg (€419.95 or $470).



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