Oct 11, 2016 | By Tess

Since its launch in 1985, Microsoft Paint has remained a somewhat rudimentary tool for creating digital art. Personally, as a frequent user of the tool in my younger years, I remember mainly using it to scribble with, making abstract multi-color creations (not to say those weren’t great!) and printing them out on paper. Now, however, it seems that the familiar art tool is getting a big revamp, which will even include the ability to draw in 3D.

Microsoft recently unveiled (or leaked) a sneak peak of its new Paint app for Windows 10, which showcases some of the art app’s new and exciting features. These include touchscreen and pen compatibility, a wealth of new stickers, fonts, markers, and shapes, and most notably, 3D modeling tools.

In line with this, Microsoft is also developing a community section for the creative application which will include a library of free pre-designed 3D objects for users to incorporate or work with—at this stage this feature is only available for employees. The app, which retains its existing features as well, has also been completely redesigned for a more up-to-date but still user-friendly interface.

As the short video demonstrates, users of the new Paint app will be able to easily turn their 2D drawings into 3D creations, and will be able to embellish and perfect the 3D designs using a wide range of new art tools and brushes. Users will also be able to combine the 3D images with such elements as 2D backdrops and stickers, making for a wide range of creative possibilities.

While nothing is mentioned about the potential to export the 3D models from the updated app for 3D printing, Paint could become a useful tool for introducing children and even beginners to the world of 3D design and modeling. Additionally, the tool has the potential to be used in tandem with Microsoft’s HoloLens hardware, which could visualize the 3D shapes and models.

Officially, the updated version of the creative app is expected to launch at the end of October (possibly October 26th), though interested users can currently test the new app by installing a sideload of Paint Preview for Windows 10. Gustave M., of GusTools has made the sideload download (an .appx file) available through his Twitter page. Important to note, however, is that the circulating app preview is an alpha version, meaning that the official launch could feature even more tools and better graphics.



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