Oct 12, 2016 | By Alec

Swiss startup Visionsforge is about to launch an SLA 3D printer that looks and feels like a desktop FDM 3D printer in every way, except in its 3D printing technology. Called the Forge 1 3D printer, it has a build volume comparable to many FDM 3D printers, while it costs as little as $999 – significantly cheaper than most comparable models out there. In that respect, it is hardly surprising that Visionsforge claim that they are “preparing a revolution” with a “3D printer with never seen characteristics”.

This achievement is even more remarkable because this startup has stayed under the radar for quite some time. The five-headed team of young engineers is led by founder and managing director Fabrizio Guadagnino, and they are dreaming about breaking open the SLA 3D printing world entirely. While very impressed by the technology, after further research they found that by and large SLA 3D printers were too expensive, too slow and featured problematically small print volumes. “The most important specifications for our 3D printer were therefore: 1) big print volume, 2) improved speed 3) accessible to everyone,” they say. The result? The Forge 1 3D printer.

While the Swiss team are still working on their finishing touches, they have now previewed a very impressive 3D printer with several very appealing characteristics. Most prominently: it’s huge. Featuring a 373 x 260 x 205 mm print space (19800 cubic centimeter print volume), it’s one of the biggest of its kind – about twice as big as many other budget SLA or DLP 3D printers out there.

But aside from its size and price tag, this really seems like a properly engineered SLA 3D printer. Visionsforge’s Forge 1 achieves a 5-100 micron 3D printing resolution, thanks to the inclusion of precision supports such as a high resolution leadscrew, zero backlash nuts, a high resolution stepper motor, and high end ball bearings. “These ensure absolute precise results,” the Swiss team explains.

What’s more, as any good 3D printer should be, the Forge 1 will be very quiet. This is achieved by both encasing the motor in isolating material, and through the 3D printer’s closed architecture and settings. “These additions make the Forge 1 extremely quiet,” the developers add. And through the inclusion of simple and intuitive software, this should be a good option for any office desk and users without tons of experience.

Perhaps most impressive is the 3D printer's price tag of $999 – several times cheaper than most top-tier SLA models with build volumes comparable to that of the Forge 1. While that sometimes means that other costs are hidden left and right, the Swiss team seemed to have thought of everything. For starters, this isn’t a low cost kit, as the 3D printer comes fully assembled and calibrated and can start 3D printing straight out of the box. What’s more, the Forge 1 features a very open build that enables the incorporation of future upgrades, “because a Forge 1 is for life.”

At the same time, they are also marketing a range of resins, which come in white red, blue, yellow, indigo and black. Even here, you’re not breaking the bank to support your hobby, as the high quality resins are purchased in bulk from a world leading chemical company. A four bottle pack (for a total of 1875 ml of resin) is priced at just $59, and a full resin pack is already included in the $999 package.

In short, the Forge 1 is a very appealing and very competitively priced 3D printer that seems to deliver on all fronts, except for one. “We are still working on the speed, which is average, but we can say that we have managed to conceive a superlative device, that takes the world of 3D printing a huge step forward,” the Swiss team says. But with a very respectable 10-30 cc/hr, you wouldn’t be able to tell this 3D printer apart from its competitors. Though not quite ready for release just yet, you can find more information on the Visionsforge website.



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Thunder-man wrote at 3/28/2017 4:36:23 PM:

The indiegogo campaign has started. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/forge-1-the-fullscale-super-affordable-sla-lcd-3d#/

Henrik wrote at 12/19/2016 3:11:36 PM:

year this is scamm no release date no videos no change the last 2 month

steventaitinger wrote at 10/20/2016 5:23:54 PM:

Do not buy this! If they didn't spend any time spell checking their website that means that they have spent most their time looking into getting away with stealing your money!!! This ad shouldn't even be posted on 3ders.org as people are going to be scammed. No reputable company launches like this!!!

Paul B wrote at 10/14/2016 1:57:21 AM:

Sounds good, but I agree with the other comments. They need to show actual photos of both the printer, and it's prints, not renders.

Küken wrote at 10/13/2016 7:25:38 PM:

Where I can buy it?

Marc C wrote at 10/13/2016 1:25:42 PM:

In addition also direct infringement of Photocentrics IPR

ThatGuy wrote at 10/13/2016 12:32:57 AM:

What does "tablet resolution" mean?

James wrote at 10/12/2016 8:27:13 PM:

I own a liquid crystal LCD printer from Photocentric and i didn't obtain successful prints even after several trials of the Eiffel tour. I waste my money and I assume that is the same shit !

FMD wrote at 10/12/2016 6:24:11 PM:

Product is snake oil right now. Every photo they provide is either a render or stock image. Best to move along and forget about this printer until they show an actual video of their system creating a real print.

Kit F wrote at 10/12/2016 4:30:33 PM:

Literally only have 3D renders, this just looks like VC bait with no plans to release an actual product.

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