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Cypriot 3D printer manufacturer Ilios has launched the Ilios Beam SLA 3D printer, a more affordable version of the Ilios Ray. The 3D printer uses a laser drawing process, can be folded for easy transport, and is available now for €2,386 ($2,634).

When Ilios first announced the Ilios Beam 3D printer back in April, the company refused to release any photographs of the secret machine. Now, as the company begins shipping its new SLA 3D printer, the curtain has been pulled back, revealing a stylish silver box that promises high-quality resin 3D printing in a compact, transportable package. The 3D printer is currently available for €2,386 ($2,634).

Besides those made by 3D Systems, there are a few desktop SLA 3D printers out there right now: the Formlabs Form 2, XYZprinting Nobel, Kudo 3D, and more. Ilios, however, thinks it can top the bunch with the competitive price tag and technical specs attached to the brand new Ilios Beam. With a feature size of 40-80 microns, layer thickness of 6-12 microns, and build volume of 170 x 275 x 184 mm, the Beam is up there with the Form 2 on paper (technically surpassing it in both resolution and build volume), but will it perform in practice?

According to Ilios, the Beam 3D printer builds on the success of the Ray, using similar laser drawing principles to achieve a high-quality print. Like the Ray before it, the Beam is extremely thin (15 cm) when folded, making it extremely portable and convenient for on-the-go making. To make life even easier, the Lift arm can be manually placed upright and can folded for easy storage or transport, and the aluminum casing of the 3D printer is extremely lightweight. The convenient size and structure of the 3D printer is, however, just the start.

“Since we now can control laser light in any way we need through our software and UI interface, it is much easier to create an affordable platform to utilize the result needed without reverting to complex parts and construction,” Ilios explains. “Although the final resolution of the build is not as high as Ilios Ray, it is still much higher than an FDM based system and even a projector based solution since the laser is still drawing at a very dense array.”

Ilios claims that its new Beam 3D printer can avoid deformation of layers. This is due to its X-Y laser system which, unlike a DLP 3D printer, can make the build area as large as necessary without compromising laser dot shape. To save money for the customer, the company chose not to include an automated material delivery system, but the open construction of the machine makes adding resin relatively simple.

To ensure easy removal of completed 3D prints, the Ilios Beam comes with a Non Stick Film for its glass build surface. This film helps to reduce deformation and warping during long prints. Above the print surface, the printer uses a 405nm UV laser, while the printer itself comes fully assemble, using Ilios Control Unit and Ilios UI electronics. Additionally, a color touch screen, wifi connection, and ethernet port serve to make the 3D printing experience as smooth as possible. The printer can also be controlled remotely from an IoS or Android device.

Ilios Beam features:

  • All Electronics and hardware already installed
  • Color Touchscreen Interface
  • Internal Camera
  • WiFi & Ethernet enabled
  • Remotely drag and drop models to internal or external storage
  • Print from USB drive or SD Card
  • Ilios 3D Suite compatible
  • Build height of 184mm
  • Build size of up to 170mm x 275mm
  • Minimum Layer Thickness of 12 microns (6 also possible)
  • Power Supply: 110-230vAC 240W, Output 24vDC/10A, 92% Efficiency
  • Dimensions: (W)34cm x (L)48cm x (H)11cm (folded)



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Demetris wrote at 10/17/2016 10:21:34 AM:

For the build area it can achieve and resolution i would say that that's not bad, considering only one guy is making the entire machine with no external funding or support.

fgcity wrote at 10/14/2016 12:24:08 PM:

I would say that that's not bad for the resolution and build volume it can do. Considering that the whole machine is made by hand, by one man and no external funding or support.

Johnm wrote at 10/13/2016 8:45:38 PM:

Scaning speed is a joke or i dont get a thing?

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