Oct 20, 2016 | By Tess

Japanese design firm Nendo never ceases to impress us with its innovative and highly creative projects. From 3D printed bonsai trees, to stunning architectural pieces, the design studio founded by designer Oki Sato has an impressive and prolific portfolio which has left us all excited to see what is next. Excitingly, we are happy to report that Nendo has unveiled yet another design series called Un-Printed Material, which is currently being exhibited at Tokyo's Creation Gallery G8.

First room

As the name subtly suggests, the exhibition explores the medium of paper, though rather than explore it through paper itself, it does so through 3D printed objects. Specifically, the art series consists of a number of 3D printed pieces that resemble outlines of paper, from crisp single sheets, to folded, and even to torn outlines of paper. The exhibition, which covers three rooms of the gallery, contrasts the black 3D printed paper inspired pieces with the clean white walls of the gallery space. The overall effect, as can be seen in the photos, is striking.

The first of the three exhibition rooms presents 30 hanging A1 sized 3D printed outlines (of 3mm thick), each in  variably different states. The second room contains a number of smaller post-card sized outlines of 1mm in thickness, which showcase the various stages of crumpling and folding paper, and finally, the third room contains 3D printed outlines of objects which are traditionally made of paper, such as disposable cups, cartons, paper bags, and origami figures.

Second room

As the Un-Printed Material exhibition description so eloquently states: “Graphic designers use paper as a medium to express their ideas. Similarly, we wanted to work with paper but approach it from a different angle. Working both by hand and with a 3D printer, we created outlines of paper as an expression of that paper without actually using paper itself…By zeroing in on the finer details and carefully representing them in the outlines, we attempted to capture that unique essence of paper that we have all felt at one time or another.”

Third room

Indeed, for anyone who has ever worked creatively with paper—whether that has involved drawing on it, folding it, or crumpling it up to erase a bad piece of work—the 3D printed outlines certainly do seem to take on a certain quality that paper possesses. Of course, the 3D printed outlines are not practical objects, but on a conceptual level they provoke the viewer to think about materials and mediums. As Nendo says of its latest project: “The title of the exhibition — un-printed material – is a play on the term “printed material” that alludes to the concept of the designs.”

Un-Printed Material will be on display at the Creation Gallery G8 in Ginza, Tokyo until November 17th, 2016.



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