Oct 26, 2016 | By Tess

Paint, the digital art tool which first launched in 1985, is finally being brought into 3D. Microsoft has officially announced Paint 3D, a new and improved version of its classic drawing application that now features exciting new tools and capabilities like 3D drawing. Just weeks ago the internet was buzzing about a leaked alpha version of Microsoft’s new and improved Paint application, and soon all Windows users will be able to check it out for themselves.

The announcement was made earlier today at Microsoft’s big press event “Imagine What You'll Do” in New York City, as part of push to make 3D drawing and design more accessible to everyone. And while we’ve seen many 3D modeling softwares try to do the same thing, it really does look like Microsoft’s revamped Paint application could be one of the most intuitive and user friendly 3D drawing programs to come out.

Not only does the new Paint 3D application feature all of the classic app’s tools (plus some additions like stickers, and new brushes), but it also integrates a slew of versatile and exciting 3D drawing and modeling functions. On a relatively basic level, users have the option of turning their 2D drawings into 3D with the simple click of a button, and then using a simple toolbar can adjust the object’s properties. The new Paint app also allows users to turn objects from photographs into 3D drawings, and can also import 3D scans.

In terms of editing, users are free to use any 2D brushes to embellish or decorate their 3D object, and can even combine 3D objects with 2D images and backgrounds to create full and dynamic scenes. The app itself reportedly works well with styluses and with touch, making it a solid imaging program for tablets and touch-devices. Unsurprisingly, Microsoft foresees making the 3D creations from Paint 3D compatible for viewing with their HoloLens product.

Another exciting feature of the new Paint 3D app, is that users will be able to share their content through a new online design community, “Remix3D”, which will also launch with the new Windows 10 sometime next year. Microsoft has also partnered with 3D modeling platform SketchUp, so that Paint 3D users will be able to easily use open-source 3D models in their Paint creations. Along with this, users will be able to export 3D creations directly from Minecraft and 3D print them.

The new Paint 3D update will be integrated in the Windows 10 Creators Update, which is set to launch in Spring 2017.



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francesco wrote at 10/26/2016 8:59:01 PM:

During the event was show a HP ELITE X3 with a new app with can capture 3d object with smartphone camera.

francesco wrote at 10/26/2016 8:55:46 PM:

Great momement for 3d abd 3d printing!

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