Oct 31, 2016 | By Benedict

Artist Noah Li has launched a Kickstarter campaign for a set of five 3D printed “Dieselpunk” tank models, based on a combination of sci-fi machinery and WWII vehicles. Dieselpunk is a closely related, chronologically advanced cousin of the popular “steampunk” genre.

If you’re looking for some 3D printed models to assemble at home, either for yourself or a creative-minded son or daughter, here’s an interesting kit from an increasingly popular genre. Noah Li’s five-piece Dieselpunk Tank kit combines two model-making standards: World War II vehicles and sci-fi robots. Think of the intricately designed creations, which depict tank-like vehicles on legs at a scale of 1:100, as occupying a space somewhere in between Revell and Warhammer 40,000.

Li, who has been doing 3D design and animation for the best part of a decade, was seeking a way to combine his twin passions for “larger than life” sci-fi vehicles and WWII historical model kits. The weird and wonderful Dieselpunk Tanks, he says, were the obvious answer. While such hybrid designs are already common in video games like Mechwarrior, Homeworld, and Heavy Gear, Li was seeking to create something physical. As such, the designer turned to 3D printing, making digital 3D models and subsequent PLA 3D printed versions of his unique designs.

In keeping with the WWII aspect of the models, Li’s kit is divided into five separate styles, each of which represents a major player in the historical war. There are Soviet, German, French, American, and British vehicles included, each with the distinctive hallmarks of those nations’ manufacturing styles but with the added mayhem of mechanical legs and other features. For those wishing to merge Allied or Axis technology, the turrets, legs, and chassis of the models are also interchangeable.

Rather than sell every model and component as an all-inclusive package, Li is selling made-to-order kits so that customers can pick and choose the parts they want. These parts will be sent unassembled and unpainted, so hobbyists can enjoy the traditional model-making experience, though Li’s own painted designs are impressive and potentially worth copying stroke-for-stroke. Each model has a 5” x 5” footprint (approx.) and can vary in height between 3” and 5” depending on part combination. Leg joints are articulated, and the tank turrets turn freely, allowing for variety of poses.

Li has thus far designed three of the five models, and has successfully 3D printed two of those three. To bring the project to completion, the designer has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the model kit, setting a target of $1,500.

Let the battle commence!



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Kingsley Banks wrote at 11/1/2016 12:26:53 PM:

3d printing is so new and it's boundaries not yet set. It is refreshing to see your artistic expression thru the 3d medium. It looks to be another tool for your artistry. Being new to 3d just trying to shake the dust off its nice to see your passion through your works. It's amazing that you span so many styles. Kingsley.b@hotmail.com

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