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3D Hubs has just announced the acquisition of Printivate, a service dedicated to the optimization and repair of 3D models. The recent acquisition will not only allow 3D Hubs to improve its offerings through better 3D file handling and printability prediction, but further cements the company’s continued growth and relevance in the 3D printing industry. As part of the acquisition, CEO and founder of Printivate, Adrian Muresan, will take on the role of R&D lead at 3D Hubs’ Amsterdam headquarters.

Adrian Muresan, CEO of Printivate

Founded in 2013, 3D Hubs has become one of largest networks of 3D printers, offering its clients the opportunity to 3D print their files through local service providers in an easy and streamlined way. Of course, when offering a 3D printing service, having tools that allow for 3D models to be checked, repaired, optimized is crucial. 3D Hubs believes that the integration of Printivate into their service will allow them to offer these tools in a high quality but still easy-to-use way.

As Adrian Muresan explains, “Printivate developed advanced computational software that allows 3D Hubs to simplify and automate this process. The automation will lead to faster turnaround times, lower failure rates, less handling and higher quality prints throughout the platform.”

Understandably, it is important for 3D Hubs to make the 3D printing process as automated and user-friendly as possible, not only to make 3D printing accessible to the masses, but also to maintain its reputation as a wide-reaching and quality 3D printing service marketplace. Through the implementation of Printivate’s 3D model analysis tools, 3D Hubs claims it will be able to effectively streamline incoming order flows, speed up handling and turnaround times for 3D prints, and lower the overall cost of orders.

It goes without saying that the new tools will also make it easier for the client to assess whether their 3D print will be a success, and will result in fewer failed prints. Bram de Zwart, CEO of 3D Hubs, commented on the new acquisition saying: “Our goal is to build the most efficient 3D print solution for professionals working in design and manufacturing. We’re going to achieve this by integrating advanced tools directly into the 3D Hubs platform. The acquisition of Printivate is another large-step forward.”

With 3D printing service partners in over 160 countries worldwide, 3D Hubs says it expects to launch Printivate’s 3D checking technology into its platform by the end of the year.



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