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A Kickstarter for the 3D printable TileScape Dungeons terrain set from Rocket Pig Games has eclipsed its $300 campaign goal in just three minutes. The modular building system for tabletop gamers consists of 3" x 3” 3D printable tiles which can be rearranged to create unique landscapes.

For many players of Dungeons and Dragons-type tabletop games, 3D printing has been a (literal) game-changer. Using the technology, gamers can print custom characters, terrain, and objects from a huge online collection of user-uploaded designs. Some of these 3D printable designs are free; others are still a great deal cheaper than physical models available in shops, and many young gaming companies are now making a living from selling their 3D printable models online.

Rocket Pig Games, one of those companies, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign for its latest contribution to the gaming world: TileScape Dungeons, a modular, 3D printable terrain system which gamers can use to create new worlds for their epic journeys. The $300 campaign reached its goal in just three minutes, and could perhaps one hundred times that figure with almost four weeks of the campaign left to run.

Using TileScape, gamers can assemble 3D printed 3” x 3” tiles (roomier than traditional 2” x 2” tiles) in various ways to create customized terrain. Each tile features walls, stone floors, steps, or pillars, which users can arrange as they please depending on the kind of scenario required. The Dungeon set consists of 33 unique tiles, including five floor tile varieties and two staircases, allowing for endless combinations.

Rocket Pig Games has filed a patent for its 3D printable TileScape terrain, and part of the system’s uniqueness comes from its interlocking tile connections. Sections simply slide together without needing to be rotated or turned upside down, allowing for easy expansion of the terrain even during gameplay. Entire interlocking sections can even be lifted up without disconnecting, making the system ideal for terrain which requires portability.

While the first TileScape set ($25 on its own) focuses on the classic Dungeon setting, Rocket Pig is also offering other terrain styles, including Caverns and Sewers. Depending on the quantity and variation of tiles required, gamers can choose from various combinations of sets and a huge collection of extra pieces and special boss character add-ons (Giant Worm, Leviathan, Fire Demon etc.) for various prices. The chosen STL files can then be 3D printed an unlimited number of times.

TileScape is suitable for miniatures up to 35 mm in scale, making it ideal for those who use standard 28 mm figures or those who use more “heroic-sized” miniatures, such as those used in Malifaux, Warmachine, Hordes, and Iron Kingdom. Rocket Pig specifically chose a larger tile size to accommodate larger figures and a more expansive gaming experience.

Rocket Pig recommends using a 3D printer with a 6” x 6” print bed. Its recommended printing settings for the tiles are: 0.1 mm layer height, 2 shells, 15% infill, 60 mm/s speed. Frames require an infill of 30% and links an infill of 100%.



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