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German 3D printing specialist Kühling&Kühling will showcase two new 3D printers at the formnext trade show, which takes place November 15-18 in Frankfurt, Germany. The VP75 Additive Manufacturing System is a large-scale production unit, and the HT500.2 3D Printer a smaller prototyping machine.

There’s a tangible sense of excitement in the 3D printing industry right now as manufacturers and users prepare for the annual formnext 3D printing trade show in Frankfurt, where additive experts from all over the world will showcase their latest high-tech 3D printing systems. And while formnext is a decidedly international affair, the event nonetheless gives local 3D printer manufacturers from Germany a big chance to showcase their latest wares to a diverse and enthusiastic audience. Step forward Kühling&Kühling...

Kühling&Kühling is one of several German 3D printing companies showcasing its products at formnext, with the open-source hardware developer in the 3D printer manufacturing game since 2013. The Kiel-based company will introduce two Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF/FDM) 3D printers at next week’s event, one completely new model and one revamped, second-generation upgrade of an existing machine. Those products are, respectively, the VP75 Additive Manufacturing System and the HT500 3D Printer.

The VP75 Additive Manufacturing System is the larger and more advanced of the two new Kühling&Kühling printers, and is also the first in its product line. Boasting a large 75-liter (Ø400 x 600 mm) build volume and heated print bed (150°C), the FFF 3D printer is suited to high-volume output of large printed parts, with features like ClogSense print head performance analysis and ActuProbe 100% self-calibration technology helping to make the 3D printing process simple and accurate. According to Kühling&Kühling, the VP75 can, with engineering-grade materials, be used to create end-use parts.

VP75 Additive Manufacturing System features and specs:

  • Min layer thickness: 0.05 mm
  • Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Build volume: Ø 400 x 600 mm
  • Materials: Polymaker PC filaments, more to be approved
  • Print head: 0.5 mm nozzle pre-installed, 0.75mm available
  • Print bed: Heated (up to 150°C), VacuFlat vacuum build surface fixation technology
  • Interface: 10″ capacitive touch screen
  • Enclosure: heated build environment (up to 80°C)
  • Automatic Calibration


The HT500.2 3D Printer, a new version of the HT500, is the other new machine being brought to formnext by Kühling&Kühling. The HT500.2 can print up to 30% faster than its predecessor, and promises increased positional accuracy and enhanced maintainability. The printer uses two print heads (for printing of supports or multi-material, multi-color objects), a heated print chamber (75°C), and offers standalone operation without a computer connection. Kühling&Kühling believes the HT500.2 to be suited to research and prototyping.

HT500.2 3D Printer features and specs:

  • Min layer thickness: 0.05 mm
  • Filament diameter: 2.85 mm
  • Build volume: 200 x 180 x 290 mm
  • Build materials: ABS, HIPS, PC, PET(G), PVA, PLA, TPEs, composites (Wood/Metal etc.), igus Tribo Filaments, PA12
  • Support materials: Soluble support options available for ABS, PET(G), PLA, PLA-/PETG-based composites; Break-away support available for any processed model material
  • Print head: Dual, 0.35 and 0.50 mm nozzles supplied for both, 0.25 and 0.75 mm also available
  • Print bed: Heated (up to 130°C)
  • Interface: 10″ capacitive touch screen
  • Enclosure: heated build environment (up to 70°C)
  • Automatic Calibration

Neither 3D printer from Kühling&Kühling comes with a listed price, but interested parties can contact the company directly for a quote.



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