Nov 9, 2016 | By Andre

Creativity is one of those things that if it finds a spark in any one individual it can be nearly impossible to extinguish. Take what Polish born self-proclaimed 3D printing freak has recently created by using a combination of 3D printing, laser cutting and a variety of electronic gadgetry for example.

As someone that loves to travel and bring back with her any combination of souvenir she's stumbled upon, she one day decided that a special space was needed to keep all of her worldly possession.

So what she did was design and ultimately produce a moving Ferris wheel inspired shelf powered by a 12V electric engine with an tiger pattern looking surface to display everything she has to show.

In all, she used all manner of maker related technology to make it work. From CNC milling and laser engraving for the wooden frame to 3D printing for electronics enclosures and the surfaces themselves, her efforts really paid off with (as seen in the video below) an incredibly unique and ultimately one-of-a-kind creation.

Using a ZMorph 2.0 multitool 3D printer to form most of the parts, it was a combination of 6.5mm CNC-cut plywood and laser engraving (with the help of Voxelizer software) to create the 20 plywood puzzles placed around the ring.

From a 3D print perspective, commonly used 1.75mm PLA filament was used with fairly durable print settings. However, for the gold shelves themselves, a low infill of 6% was used to give it a light yet sturdy strength to weight ratio. From the looks of things, any decently calibrated desktop 3D printer would be able to get the job done.

It does appear the electronics are driven primarily by the motor and the corresponding 3D printed gears themselves. There is no sign of any micro controller or Arduino like software driven board to be seen. But heck, a motor is perfectly capable of doing what is demanded of the wheel (that being spin when on and not spin when off) so complicating things with more than required was thankfully avoided.

When all is said and done, her efforts won’t help humans get to Mars or build a more efficient shoe, but it is an incredibly impressive effort to be sure. And considering its not anything you’ll ever be able to find in stores; it’s quite the work of art as well.

As noted in an online bio, she sees herself as a 3D printing freak, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this isn’t her first foray into the realm. Earlier in the year, she demonstrated her knack for 3D printing a custom orthopaedic hand for a Polish man suffering from limb paralysis. This was different than many of the prosthetics we report on in that her device is used to fit over top of an existing part instead of replace it altogether.

It is difficult to imagine a creative individual like Eliza Wrobel being able to do what she’s done without suddenly affordable access to 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC machining. Only time will tell what she comes up with next!



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