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In 2015, a group of South Korea-based makers, by the collective name of Team Owl Works, released a new type of resin based 3D printing technology called Light Induced Planar Solidification, or LIPS for short. With it, the startup was seeking to make high quality 3D printing more accessible by cutting back on overall 3D printing costs without sacrificing quality. Their first product, called the MORPHEUS 3D printer, was successfully launched through a Kickstarter campaign a year ago, and now Team Owl Works is back with a new, improved, and even cheaper system, the MORPHEUS Delta 3D printer.

The goal with the new 3D printer was to develop a high quality LIPS desktop 3D printer for the cost of a desktop FDM 3D printer. And now, after over 5,000 hours of research and development, the group has achieved this with the innovative MORPHEUS Delta. The new 3D printer is currently being featured through a Kickstarter campaign, and with just over two weeks to go, it has already raised more than three times its $50,000 goal.

According to the group, nearly nine out of ten makers rely on FDM 3D printing technologies for their projects, and while the technology is both useful and affordable, it is impossible to deny that it does still have certain limitations, such as high resolution printing, and speed. So, while the MORPHEUS Delta is not seeking to replace FDM desktop systems, Team Owl Works is hoping to offer a financially equivalent 3D printing alternative to the maker community.

The new 3D printer boasts excellent performance in terms of its price (less than $1,000 per unit), low operation costs, and a “unique philosophy” for creative works. In terms of specifications, the MORPHEUS Delta has a relatively roomy build volume of 150 mm x 85 mm x 150 mm, an in-plane resolution of about 190 micrometers, and a Z-resolution of up to 200 micrometers. The 3D printer’s speed is also notable, as it is capable of printing at an average rate of 36mm/hour.

The MORPHEUS Delta 3D printer was designed to work with Trinity 3D printing software (compatible with Mac or Windows) or nanoDLP (compatible with Mac, Windows, or Linux). The 3D printer also comes with is own resin materials, otherwise known as UV curable photopolymers. As part of the ongoing Kickstarter campaign, Team Owl Works is offering a series of 4 General Purpose acrylic resins. According to the startup, it is also working on developing a number of new resins including a clear resin, a castable resin, and an elastic resin. Team Owl Works is also open to working with and collaborating with other makers to develop new and innovative materials for their LIPS technology. The MORPHEUS resins cost between $35 and $69.

While a number of the earliest reward options for the MORPHEUS Delta 3D printer are already sold out, you can still take advantage of the campaign’s Tier_3 through Tier_5 offers. The Tier_3 gives backers access to a MORPHEUS Delta 3D printer from the first batch (expected to go out in May 2017) for a pledge of $579 or more, Tier_4 for $649, and Tier_5 for $679. If you happen to miss all of these, the Kickstarter also has a last minute option for $745. If you’re dying to get your hands on the new LIPS technology, you can also order a working MORPHEUS Delta prototype (called the E7) immediately for $745. All rewards include a post treatment kit, and 300g of MORPHEUS resin.



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Mike wrote at 3/14/2018 2:06:18 PM:

Where can I buy one?

mick wrote at 11/11/2016 4:26:10 PM:

Yes looks good, but what about the software? How fast is the slicing? can it do supports? Why don't they need a peal function? Oh and stop disrespecting FDM 3d printers.

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