Nov 14, 2016 | By Tess

Since its founding in 2010, Chinese electronics company Xiaomi Inc. has made a name for itself in the smartphone, laptop, mobile apps, and consumer electronics markets, releasing a wide range of competitively priced products. Now, judging by some leaked photos of a new product, it seems the privately owned company could be venturing into a new area: the world of additive manufacturing.

The photos, which first appeared on GizmoChina earlier today, depict an unreleased desktop 3D printer which is emblazoned with Xiaomi Inc.’s recognizable "Mi" logo. And while not many official details and specs have been leaked to accompany the photos, sources are speculating that the Chinese electronics company could soon officially unveil its very first 3D printer.

Of the leaked images, one is a digital rendering of a compact, relatively tall enclosed 3D printer made out of transparent and frosted materials. The others, which are actual photos of the 3D printer, essentially demonstrate the same features. Judging by the photos, Xiaomi’s 3D printer body is made primarily from plastic, with metal supports and electronics inside.

The 3D printer, which bears a similar aesthetic to Brita’s popular water pitchers, has a perforated top cover (presumably for air circulation), and an opening at the bottom, where users can remove their finished prints. While most technical details are undisclosed—such as build volume, overall size, and price—the unreleased 3D printer seems like it will likely be marketed for beginners, as its frame and composition seem relatively small and simple. Likewise, when Xiaomi Inc. finally does announce its first 3D printer, we can’t imagine it will be a very expensive one, especially considering how competitively priced the company’s other products are.

Of course, those are all the details we have about Xiaomi Inc.’s rumored 3D printer release so far, so we’ll have to wait and see when and how the electronics company, which is the world’s fourth largest smartphone manufacturer, announces its first foray into the 3D printer market. Stay tuned for more.



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Rose L. wrote at 9/20/2017 8:51:06 AM:

It would seem that Tiko, Yeehaw, and this one are exactly the same. FYI-- Yeehaw has sent out two units to my aunt (one is for "spare parts" the company says) and it still has not printed a single thing despite daily trials. Can't log in to Chinese website. Can't speak with anyone about it. Total junk. Am wondering if it could be converted into a fishtank with enough silicone....

Royt wrote at 11/15/2016 5:15:06 PM:

Reminds me of the tiko3d printer which is finally shipping on Kickstarter

Chris wrote at 11/14/2016 10:09:43 PM:

looks a bit like the TIKO 3D

James wrote at 11/14/2016 8:03:44 PM:

Looks similar to the Tiko3D printer.

Keith S. wrote at 11/14/2016 7:36:50 PM:

I guess this is why Tiko 3D printer was delayed a year, so Xaomi could reverse engineer most of it.

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