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Markforged, a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of 3D printers and printing materials, has today announced the North American release of the Onyx One, a 3D printer designed to print black carbon composite parts. The Onyx One, optimized for the production of end-use parts, will retail for $3,500.

As 3D printing materials science advances ever further, 3D printed parts keep getting stronger and stronger. With the new Onyx One 3D printer, Markforged has just introduced one of the toughest players in the game, a printer designed to work with the same company’s trusted Onyx material. Onyx, which until now did not have a dedicated printer with which to use it, is made of chopped carbon fiber within nylon for twice the strength and stiffness of pure plastic.

In addition to producing extremely tough 3D printed parts, the new Onyx One offers a big advantage to users: no post-processing. Coming off the printer with a sleek finished look, parts printed on the Onyx One can go straight into service, whatever their purpose. According to Markforged, the Onyx series of printers are designed with industrial quality from the ground up, each using an integrated hardware, software, and materials system designed for smooth operation.

“Our belief is that every designer and engineer should have broad access to strong, elegant parts from a reliable printer they love to use.” said Greg Mark, CEO of Markforged. “With the Onyx One, we provide our customers with superior parts in a seamless integrated system of hardware, material and software to deliver a quality experience at an accessible price point.”

While the $3,500 Onyx One offers users an entry into carbon composite 3D printing, customers seeking even stronger prints can opt for (or upgrade to) the more advanced Onyx Pro ($7,000), which comes with a second print head and continuous fiberglass reinforcement. By printing with continuous fiberglass, parts can achieve up to five times the strength of those printed in Onyx alone. The Mark Two, Markforged’s top-end printer, retails for $13,500.

“Buyers of the Onyx One can upgrade their printer in the field to an Onyx Pro when they're ready for the extra advanced fiberglass composite parts,” added Mark. “We purposefully designed the entry point Onyx One with an easy path to higher strength for our customers without requiring them to purchase a different printer. Or, they can trade up to the Mark Two for continuous carbon fiber reinforcement, for amazingly strong parts in addition to the impact-resistant Kevlar and high-strength, high temperature fiberglass.”

An added feature of the Onyx One and Pro 3D printers is “Turbo Print,” a new print setting available through the company’s Eiger software. By combining innovations in material delivery and software, the Turbo Print feature allows users to print parts faster without loss of surface quality or resolution.

In addition to the high quality of its latest line of 3D printers, Markforged believes that its unique updates-and-improvements plan for customers makes it one of the most attractive choices for prospective buyers. The company sells through a number of resellers in over 50 countries.


Onyx One

Onyx Pro




Build volume

330 mm x 250 mm x 200 mm

330 mm x 250 mm x 200 mm

Plastic materials



Fiber materials


Z layer resolution

100 microns

100 microns


Printer, 800cc Onyx spool

Printer, 800cc Onyx spool, 50cc Fiberglass, extra print bed



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