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This Christmas, instead of running around trying to buy the hottest new toys for your children or your nieces and nephews, why not get them a more all-encompassing gift? A gift that they can use to design and create their own toys, whenever they want. What I am referring to, of course, is a 3D printer. Don’t worry though, you won’t have to shell out thousands of dollars to get your kid an easy-to-use and safe 3D printer, as YeeHaw3D has launched its kid-friendly 3D printer through an IndieGoGo campaign with prices as low as $250.

The YeeHaw 3D printer was designed specifically to be used by children, and is being marketed as very easy to use, inexpensive, and above all, safe. Paired with a kid-friendly app that lets children design their own objects using large 3D pixel blocks, the fully enclosed 3D printer gives children the freedom to create their own toys, tools, and whatever else they want. To help inspire its users, the 3D printer also comes with an ever-growing library of ready-to-print 3D objects. According to the company, the database currently features more than 2,000 3D toy models.

Among the features that make the YeeHaw 3D printer safe for kids are an all enclosed build space, which keep prying hands from touching the object as it is being printed; a safety door control and removable platform, which make removing the final print safe and easy; and an automatic stop feature that stops the nozzle as soon as the printer is tilted, bumped, or moved during a print. Additionally, all the filaments that come with the YeeHaw 3D printer are 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly, though the company fails to specify what the filament is made from.

The 3D printer’s design is also notable, as it features a sleek transparent structure and a novel light system that let’s its users know what it is “thinking”. For instance, a blue light indicates it is networking, an orange light means it is heating up, a green light means update, and red, of course, means there is a problem. The Chinese company behind YeeHaw has also suggested that prepping the 3D printer will not require any manual adjustments as its accompanying software and app will automatically prep it. Using the app, users can also monitor their prints in real time.

In terms of specifications, the YeeHaw 3D printer has a modest footprint of 330 x 325 x 540 mm, and a small build volume of 150 x 180 mm. While this may pale in comparison to other 3D printers on the market, considering that it is geared towards kids and making toys, a small build space is not the end of the world. The 3D printer can also reportedly print with a resolution of 0.1 mm.

One thing we do have to draw attention to is the fact that the YeeHaw 3D printer bears an unmistakeable likeness to Xiaomi’s leaked 3D printer photos. So, while people may have been expecting the Chinese electronics company to release their own 3D printer soon, it seems that the leaked photos may have actually been for the YeeHaw 3D printer. Interestingly, according to YeeHaw, they apparently branded their 3D printer with the “MI” logo in order to preview what it would look it.

In any case, according to its IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign, the YeeHaw 3D printer is pretty much ready to be shipped out, and early bird backers can even expect to get their 3D printer in time for the 2016 holidays. As mentioned, the 3D printer can be bought for as low as $250 through the campaign, a price which includes one 500g spool of filament. YeeHaw3D is also featuring a Black Friday deal for $269 which includes 3 spools of filament. The retail price for the 3D printer will apparently be about $500, so campaign backers will get quite a good deal.



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Royt wrote at 12/5/2016 11:15:18 PM:

Similar to tiko3d which is accepting pre orders for ship in Q2 of next year.

Bill wrote at 11/23/2016 8:16:16 PM:

These are the same machine as:

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