Nov 25, 2016 | By Tess

Almost a year ago, Thermaltake, a manufacturer of PC cases, power supplies, and cooling devices, launched 3DMakers, a platform through which makers can upload and download free 3D printable files for PC case components, mods, and accessories—essentially a 3D file sharing platform catering to PC customizers. Now, Thermaltake is seeking to expand its reach through an official partnership with 3DHubs. As the world’s largest network of 3D printing services, 3DHubs will help to bring Thermaltake’s file sharing platform to a whole new level.

Through the new partnership, Thermaltake’s 3DMakers website will now offer its users the ability to 3D print their models at any local 3D Hub directly through the platform. This means that 3DMakers users will be able to order their customized PC case mods and customizers with more ease than before.

Bram de Zwart, CEO of 3D Hubs, said of the partnership: “We’re extremely excited to be announcing our partnership with world-leading computer hardware company Thermaltake. We look forward to empowering their community through their 3D Makers platform to innovate and collaborate in ways like never before.”

Importantly, the partnership with Netherlands-based 3D Hubs will allow 3DMakers users to have access to 3D printing services in over 160 countries worldwide, meaning that PC case components and mods that once had to be shipped can now be manufactured locally. As de Zwart adds, “we will provide parts on demand that are locally sources without the need for large warehouses and international shipping.”

In addition to user-uploaded case mods and designs on 3DMakers, Thermaltake has uploaded some of its own designs, including the awesome Core P1, a fully 3D printable PC case that is essentially a mini ITX version of Thermaltake’s signature Core P5 case. Other Thermaltake prints include radiator mounts, case accessories, and much more. Obviously, the collection of user-generated content is also impressive on 3DMakers, so gamers and PC users are sure to find something that appeals to them.

Alternately, if you are a 3D designer, you can always create your own designs and share them with the PC modding and maker communities through Thermaltake’s free online platform. Just check out this insanely impressive 3D printed Star Destroyer case mod for some inspiration.

Overall, the new partnership with 3D Hubs is sure to help expand the reach of Thermaltake’s 3DMakers platform, and on a more general level, will help to promote DIY, modding, and the overall maker movement.



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