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Beijing Tiertime Technology Co. Ltd., better known as Tiertime, has been a big player in Asia’s 3D printing industry and has even gained recognition internationally for its industrial 3D printer series “Inspire”, as well as its desktop 3D printer series “UP”. Recently, Tiertime announced a number of exciting upgrades to their flagship product, the UP BOX desktop 3D printer, in one of their newest 3D printer models, the UP BOX+.

The original UP BOX was launched globally by Tiertime in 2014 and has since largely received praise from its users. With a relatively high price point for a plug-and-play desktop FDM 3D printer, the UP BOX has been recognized for its high print quality, reliability, and its easy-to-use features. Now, Tiertime is upping its game with the release of the UP BOX+, a new desktop 3D printer which retains all of the original model’s best features and adds new innovations to keep up with the evolving 3D printer market.

Notable upgrades for the UP BOX+ include a connectivity enhancement, better filament support, and a new critical operational assurance infrastructure. Among the features that have endured from the original 3D printer to the UP BOX+ are its build volume (of 255 x 205 x 205 mm), its novel auto leveling system, and its HEPA Filter, which works to reduce fume generated through the printing process.

To get more into the specifics of the upgrades, the connectivity enhancement essentially means that the UP BOX+ integrates WiFi support, which removes the necessity for a host computer and allows users to control their prints from any iOS-based Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

The new desktop 3D printer also features improved filament support, which effectively allows users a broader range of 3rd party filaments. The 3D printer, which is notable for having an internal filament spool holder, has increased its capacity and can now hold filament reels of up to 1kg. Additionally, users will have the opportunity to create 3D printing profiles for specific filament types through the new UP Studio Software. In other words, users will be able to specify what temperature the 3D printer nozzle and build plate should be, depending on what type of filament is being used.

The sleek and fully enclosed UP BOX+ also integrates a critical operational assurance infrastructure, which includes power loss mitigation and filament run-out mitigation. The former helps the user to control his or her print in the advent of a power-loss, power-outage, or connection problem. While a power-cut-out would normally result in a totally ruined print, the new power loss mitigation simply stops the print when the power is lost and once it is restored, asks whether the user is ready to resume the print job from where it left off.

Similarly, the filament run-out mitigation ensures that the print in progress won’t be affected by a filament run-out. In other words, when you leave your 3D printer running overnight and your filament runs out, the printer will simply pause the print, and be ready to start back up once the filament is reloaded.

Other specifications for the UP BOX+ include:

  • Dimensions: 485(W) x 520(H) x 495(D) mm
  • Build Volume: 255(W) x 205(H) x 205(D) mm
  • Print Head: Improved single, modularize for easy installation
  • Layer Thickness: up to 0.1 mm
  • Printing Surface: Perf board with heated build platform
  • Materials: 1.75 mm ABS or PLA and more
  • Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10 / Mac OS X/ iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Fortunately, if you already invested in the original UP BOX 3D printer, you’ll have access to a handy upgrade kit. With it, you’ll gain access to many of the new perks offered through the UP BOX+.



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