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3D Printhuset, the world’s largest 3D printing retail store, located in Copenhagen, Denmark, has just opened an new and even bigger store. The new 3D Printhuset (which translates directly to the house of 3D Printing) spans 6,000 square feet and is located in a three-storey townhouse in downtown Copenhagen.

3D Printhuset, which started two years ago in Copenhagen with its first “largest 3D printing retail store” that measured an already impressive 3,000 square feet, has experienced considerable success over the past couple years. In fact, just over a year ago the startup opened a second location in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark, and acquired 3D Scandinavia Aps, a distributor of 3D Systems products.

Now, to mark even more success and growth, the Danish company has opened a brand-new location, which is double the size of the previous 3D Printhuset. The new location, which spans 6,000 square feet in total, is dedicated entirely to 3D printing technologies, showcasing the latest from such companies as 3D Systems, Artec, and XYZ Printing. Excitingly, the new 3D Printhuset will also place an emphasis on 3D printing construction technologies and systems.

The new location was officially opened on November 22 with a celebration and ribbon-cutting ceremony. At the ceremony, 3D Printhuset was happy to welcome Enrico Dini, the 3D printed construction pioneer, who made a speech. Dini, who invented the D-Shape 3D printer, was one of the first to predict the impact 3D printing would have on the construction industry. As he explained, “Already when I was in my 40s, I understood that 3D printing could be the way to affordably achieve beauty in architecture and construction, and since then I devoted my life to make it happen. Within the next decades I imagine that our future urban landscape will be enriched by architectural, algorithmic and topology optimized buildings, perfectly harmonized with the environment due to 3D printed constructions”.

Enrico Dini

In announcing the new 3D Printhuset, director Jim Larsen had a few words to share as well: “We are very pleased not only with our own expansion, but also with the fact that 3D printing is becoming a factor in more and more applications and industries. 3D printed constructions are now a reality in several places around the world. This is an area that we are going to focus on in the coming years and we are therefore very pleased that Enrico Dini is here to celebrate the opening of our new house for 3D printing; even if this is more than 200 years old and therefore for good reason is not 3D printed.”

Ultimately, the goal of the ever-expanding 3D Printhuset is to share and make state-of-the-art 3D printing technologies and trends more accessible to consumers and businesses. Whereas the 3D print house previously focused its energies on promoting the technology for prototyping and visualizations, it has now shifted its focus to be aligned with the advancing additive manufacturing technologies which are better suited for end-use parts, as well as in fields such as construction.

Jim Larsen, Director of 3D Printhuset



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