Dec 5, 2016 | By Tess

Microsoft has just unveiled some exciting new upgrades for its Windows 10 integrated 3D design and printing app, 3D Builder. Among them are compatibility with Windows 10 Mobile and Xbox One consoles. The new updates, which were rolled out a couple days ago, aim to offer Windows users more options for creating in 3D and 3D printing.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a partnership with 3D printing company Materialise that offered users of 3D Builder and other similar applications a seamless and easy way to order 3D prints directly through the apps. Now, Microsoft is expanding the scope of its popular 3D design app with new compatibilities, increased 3D printing support, and more.

As mentioned, 3D Builder can now be used with Windows 10 Mobile, which means that users can now use their mobile phone’s camera to 3D scan objects and transform them into 3D models. According to Microsoft, to do this, users will simply have to take a few shots of the object from varying angles and the app will automatically process and stitch together the photos into a 3D printable model.

The mobile 3D Builder app not only gives users the ability to create 3D content, but it also lets you upload 3D files in a variety of formats, including WRL (VRML), PLY, OBJ, STL, and 3MF. Overall, the new mobile upgrade means that users can more easily create, edit, repair, preview, and print their 3D models. Thanks to the aforementioned partnership with Materialise, users also have the option of having their models 3D printed through the established 3D printing service with the click of a button. Of course, if you have your own 3D printer on hand, that’s a great option as well.

One thing to note is Windows’ compatibility with 3D printer models, as not all 3D printers are supported by Windows mobile phones. If you’re using a mainstream 3D printer model, however, including Dremel’s 3D Idea Builder, any Printrbot, or XYZ Printing’s da Vinci 3D printers, you should be fine. A full list of compatible 3D printers can be found here.

The 3D Builder app, while undoubtedly far from perfect (it is reported to be quite slow for instance), seems to be well on its way to becoming a viable option for quick and easy 3D modeling tasks. As Windows prepares to launch an even bigger Windows 10 Creators update in early 2017, we can imagine that more perks and upgrades for 3D Builder are on their way.



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fra wrote at 12/7/2016 8:59:35 AM:

I've tested it, work very smooth!

Tom McBaum wrote at 12/7/2016 3:54:39 AM:

Slow?! It's faster than TinkerCAD, MeshMixer, Repetier, Cura, or NetFabb or especially Photoshop's sluggish 3D features for the functions I use. It's especially good at easily and accurately repairing issues (flipped polys, etc.) with STL files. And its Boolean cuts are much cleaner than those produced by, say, TinkerCAD or MeshMixer.

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