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Type A Machines, a Californian manufacturer of FFF 3D printers, has announced the Series 1 Pro Enterprise Bundle, featuring an industry-first Tungsten Carbide hot-end and BuildTak FlexPlate System. The kit costs $4,295.

Type A Machines, a 3D printer manufacturer based in San Leandro, California, is no stranger to maximalism. Whether it’s a 3D printer with a cubic foot of build volume (the Series 1 Pro), or a stack of several 3D printers working in unison (the ultra-scalable Print Pod), the company’s philosophy seems to be: if the customer might need it, they should have it. Type A is continuing this practice with its latest launch, an all-in-one package for the Series 1 Pro 3D printer that comes with a Tungsten Carbide hot-end and BuiltTak FlexPlate, coming to a grand total of $4,295.

According to Type A Machines, the new Enterprise Bundle for the Series 1 Pro gives 3D printer users a great deal, and one that will eventually save them repair and replacement costs: “With the added durability of the Tungsten Carbide Nozzle, you will be able to print longer prints and print them more often without having to replace your nozzle,” Type A explains. “The Tungsten Carbide Nozzle also includes a full year warranty. Once your prints are done, removing them from your build surface has never been easier than with the BuildTak FlexPlate System. Bend the FlexPlate, and your print will pop right off, then you can get the next print started immediately giving you unparalleled production capabilities.”

At a little over $4k, the bundle is not incredibly cheap, but by packaging the Series 1 Pro with a high-quality hot-end and built plate, Type A believes its customers will be suitably equipped for heavy-use printing, with a versatile setup that could suit makerspaces, industrial prototyping shops, print farms, education labs, and service bureaus. Furthermore, by providing a hot-end and build plate of the highest quality, the 3D printer manufacturer is giving customers extra durability on two parts of the 3D printer most typically exposed to wear and tear from heavy use.

The special Tungsten Carbide hot-end provided with the Series 1 Pro Enterprise Bundle purportedly provides one of the longest nozzle uptimes in the business, and can handle extended periods of continuous use. Shipped as a standard needle of the company’s award winning G2 Extruder, the Tungsten Carbide 3D printer hot-end is machined to a tolerance of 25 microns, and provides an extended service life—especially useful for those printing with abrasive 3D printing materials like carbon fiber and metal-filled filaments. Tungsten Carbide, the material from which the hot-end is made, has a Vickers hardness value of 1600 HV, ten times harder than mild steel.

The BuildTek FlexPlate, on the other hand, has its own remarkable features. A two-part system featuring a magnetic mounting base and the BuildTak surfaced flexPlate, the build surface makes life as easy as possible for 3D printer operators, as the FlexPlate can be quickly detached after printing in order to easily “pop off” the finished 3D printed object. The BuildTak surface is an adhesive-backed sheet that creates a strong bond between the 3D printed object and the build surface—that means no more hairspray, thankfully. According to Type A, strong surface adhesion drastically reduces the chances of the 3D printed object moving out of place during printing, while also enabling the clean and easy removal of the object from the build surface.

Many readers will already be familiar with Type A Machines Series 1 Pro 3D printer. With a 12” x 12” x 12” (305mm x 305mm x 305mm) build volume, heated built platform, webcam, and Wi-Fi connectivity, the 3D printer will fit the bill for many amateur and professional 3D printing applications. At present, the Series 1 Pro alone costs $4,095, so shelling out an extra $200 for the added hot-end and build surface included with the Enterprise Bundle seems like a decent option.

“For our industrial and makerspace 3D printing customers, time is money,” said Type A Machines Chief Marketing Officer and VP Shawn Hopwood. “Having a printer non-operational in order to change hot-ends, or remove a print, means lost revenue and productivity, not to mention the time and expense associated with replacement parts. With our new Enterprise Bundle, we’ve increased reliability and machine uptime by bringing together one of the hardest, most wear-resistant materials known to the industry, while partnering with a leader in the industry to make 3D printing quick and simple.”



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I.AM.Magic wrote at 12/8/2016 8:16:48 AM:

Their demo part (blue one) has an extruder problem. It has an inconsistent extrusion flow, many wobbles can be seen. I had the same problem when I was using a direct extruder and micro-stepping and I didn't understand what was going on. Let's hope they'll learn soon.

Bob the Builder wrote at 12/7/2016 5:24:53 PM:


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