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Akron, Ohio, one of the U.S.’s main manufacturing centers, is due to receive its first large-scale 3D printer later this month. Additive Engineering Solutions, an Akron-based company has announced it will be installing one of Cincinnati, Inc.’s Big Area Additive Manufacturing (BAAM) large-scale 3D printers and will have it operational by early 2017.

BAAM, one of the largest additive manufacturing system in the world, is best known for having 3D printed a functioning, fully drivable car at a trade show a few years ago. With a massive build volume of 12 x 5.5 x 6 feet, the BAAM 3D printer is also one of the fastest industrial printers with a deposit speed of 100 lbs of material per hour.

Additive Engineering Solutions’ large-scale industrial 3D printer will mark the 11th BAAM 3D printer sold by Cincinatti, Inc. The other 3D printer models are operating primarily within universities, labs, or large companies. AES will be the first service bureau to use the BAAM 3D printer. This means that not only will AES use the 3D printer for its own solutions, but will offer its large-scale 3D printing services on a contract basis, especially to companies in Ohio’s Northeast.

Interestingly, the Akron-based solutions company, which was founded in August 2016 by Austin Schmidt and Andrew Bader, never intended to purchase a 3D printer and was only convinced to do so because of remarkable advantages offered by the BAAM system. Schmidt and Bader were shown the technology on a company visit to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where BAAM was developed.

The BAAM 3D printer, along with other startup costs and supporting equipment, is reportedly costing the company about $1.5 million. With their relatively exclusive manufacturing equipment, however, the company is confident it will be able to offer its clients superior manufacturing solutions and a broader range of services, especially for tooling and molding. According to Andrew Bader, co-founder of Additive Engineering Solutions, the company already has prospective clients, though he declined to specify who they were.

According to the company, it expects to use its new BAAM 3D printing system primarily for manufacturing large-scale molds and tooling parts. Though not limited by any one industry, AES does believe its 3D printing services will primarily be tapped by companies within the aerospace, auto, and marine industries, to name a few. As mentioned, the company is set to receive its BAAM 3D printer by the end of December, and plans to have it up and running by early 2017.



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