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Metal additive manufacturing solutions company Sciaky, Inc. recently announced that it will be delivering its industrial Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) 110 System to multinational aircraft manufacturing company Airbus. The additive manufacturing system will reportedly be delivered this month and will be used by Airbus to manufacture large titanium structural parts.

A subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, Inc., Sciaky, Inc. has developed one of the fastest, most cost-effective industrial metal 3D printing systems on the market: EBAM. The technology behind it uses an electron beam gun to deposit metal layer by layer, building up the object from the CAD file. Of course, some heat treatments and post-production machining are required once the object is printed to make it complete.

Since the 3D printing system uses wire feedstock, EBAM is ideal for additively manufacturing in a number of different metal materials, including titanium, tantalum, niobium, tungsten, Inconel, and stainless steels. Additionally, like most additive manufacturing systems, EBAM is materially efficient and 3D printed parts produce minimal waste.

Sciaky’s EBAM 110 System, which will soon be delivered to Airbus, features a build envelope of 70” x 47” x 63 “ (1,778 x 1,194 x 1,600 mm) and can 3D print metal parts ranging in size from 8” to 19’ in length. In terms of speed, the EBAM 110 System offers gross deposition rates ranging from 7 to 20 lbs of metal material per hour, making it one of the fastest deposition rates for metal additive manufacturing systems.

Different stages of an Airbus rear upper spar 3D printed in titanium with Sciaky's EBAM process 

Airbus, for its part, has moved swiftly ahead with the implementation and integration of 3D printing technologies. Earlier this week, for instance, the company announced it would be buying 3D printed nickel and titanium parts from metal alloy developer Arconic, and that it was awarded the German Federal Ecodesign Award for its innovative 3D printed airplane partition. More generally, the company has made significant headway for the adoption of 3D printing technologies within the aircraft and aerospace manufacturing industries. Now with their new EBAM 110 System 3D printer, Airbus’ 3D printing applications will continue to expand.

"Sciaky is very proud to partner with a world-class innovator like Airbus," commented Bob Phillips, Vice President of Marketing for Sciaky, Inc. "We all know that metal 3D printing technology is going to revolutionize manufacturing in the aerospace industry, and Sciaky is committed to being at the forefront of this movement.”



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