Dec 15, 2016 | By Benedict

Korea’s Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning has announced the finalization of a smartphone 3D video technology that has been under development since 2013. The affordable stereoscopic video capture technology could have applications in augmented and virtual reality.

Unlike the country bordering it to the north, the Republic of Korea (South Korea) is known for its incredible technology. From its super-fast internet speeds, to its association with global tech giant Samsung, South Korea is one of world’s most important countries in terms of digital and electronic innovation. Its reputation for technological excellence is in part thanks to a number of ambitious businesses within the country, but the Korean government is due a fair share of recognition too. Three years ago, the national Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning invested 4.9 billion won (with another 1.8 billion put in by private research companies) in new mobile 3D capture technology, which is now just about ready for release.

With the development of a new smartphone 3D video technology that can capture stereoscopic images in motion, the Korean Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning aimed take the exclusivity out of 3D capture by providing a much more affordable alternative to solutions provided by major global technology companies. The new Korean tech, despite its affordability, could purportedly be used in gaming, education, medicine, and architecture applications, and its developers are particularly excited about how the stereoscopic imaging tool could be used in the fast-developing augmented reality industry.

In August of this year, the Korean government announced plans to develop an “augmented reality ecosystem” by encouraging developers to dedicate time and funding to the exciting new technology. It hoped that, by involving developers from across the country, it could develop an advanced augmented reality platform that could be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Should this endeavor prove successful, Korea’s status as a major technological force would surely be recognized to an even greater degree.

In developing its new 3D capture technology, which uses two cameras to capture an image in 3D just like a pair of human eyes, the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning filed four international patents (example below), while also enlisting the help of several technology companies, including SmartiX and MacroGraph, to advance the technology further. In addition to serving functions in the field of augmented reality, it is believed that the 3D smartphone tool could be used to create 3D printable files representing photographed objects.

“In the past, cameras equipped with smartphones caused a boom in global video technology, an event which has become a catalyst for the development of related industries such as advertising, broadcasting, and education,” commented a spokesperson for the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning. "With this technological development, we hope that we will have a chance to build a unique ecosystem through the rising interest in augmented reality.”



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