Jan 5, 2017

Today GE announced its GE Additive business will collaborate with GE Capital to sell and finance metal additive manufacturing machines.

GE Capital will develop a range of customized financial solutions for its customers. These solutions will allow GE Additive customers the ability to access strategic and flexible financing solutions to acquire this transformative manufacturing technology in countries around the globe.

“Our dual expertise both in manufacturing and in equipment finance, allows us to create competitive financial solutions that support our customers’ strategic business goals,” said Trevor Schauenberg, President and CEO of GE Capital Industrial Finance. “Additive manufacturing is a key contributor to the manufacturing evolution; we’re excited to enable its growth.”

GE has invested approximately $1.5 billion in advanced manufacturing and additive technologies, in addition to building a global network of Additive centers focused on advancing the science. GE Additive offers a full line of metal additive manufacturing machines, materials and engineering solutions to customers in many industries including aerospace, medical, automotive and luxury goods.

GE also recently announced two acquisitions in the additive industry: On December 8th 2016, GE finalized a deal to acquire a 75% stake in Concept Laser for $599 million (€549 million). Concept Laser designs and manufactures powder-bed-based laser additive machines with customers in the aerospace, medical, dental, automotive, and jewelry industries, and is a pioneer in the filed. On November 14th 2016, GE agreed to purchase controlling shares of Arcam AB of Sweden, following the conclusion of an extended public tender offer. Arcam invented the electron beam melting machine for metal-based additive manufacturing, and also produces advanced metal powders. As a leading end user and investor in additive technology, GE is experiencing its transformative engineering and manufacturing power across the company’s industrial businesses.

“Additive manufacturing is the new revolution, changing the way we design and manufacture products faster, more sophisticated and more cost efficient,” said Mohammad Ehteshami, Vice President for Additive Integration at GE Additive. “By partnering with GE Capital, we’re now able to democratize additive manufacturing, making it easier for businesses to buy additive machines, fostering their competitiveness and accelerating the adoption rate. We’re excited to be part of the additive revolution.”



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-willy- wrote at 1/5/2017 8:30:23 PM:

What I am waiting for... A additive company that will make jet engines more cheaply than they are now. The possibilities could help todays market to no end. Think of it, jet engines are more fuel efficient than the internal combustion engine. Jet engines dont have to run on one specific fuel. So the market could have jet engines replacing lawn mower engines, standby generators for rural communities that have generators when the power quits. Truckers would have a APU with a jet engine. APU's for commercial airlines instead of trying to rely on lithium batteries. Hybrid vehicles could become more fuel efficient with a 3d printed jet engine. The possibilities are enormous if they can get the price down around one quarter to one fifth of what current hobbyist jet engines currently sell for.

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