Jan 13, 2017 | By Tess

Swedish 3D bioprinting company CELLINK has just announced the release of its newest 3D bioprinter: BIO X. The new 3D bioprinter, which will retail for $39,000 USD (cost includes bioinks, software, accessories, and consumables), is reportedly designed for a wide range of experience levels, from companies or corporations seeking to experiment with bioprinting technologies, to professional tissue engineers. BIO X can be used print human tissue, organs, skin, cartilage, and bone.

CELLINK, which last year developed the first universal 3D printable bioinks, has been a key player in making 3D bioprinting a viable and even commercial technology. The new BIO X follows its two other 3D bioprinter models, the INKREDIBLE and INKREDIBLE+. Built with a Neocortex M1 internal computer, the BIO X is a reliable and user-friendly bioprinter that offers life science companies, researchers, and bioengineers the means to build human tissues in a wide, virtually limitless variety of structures.

According to the Swedish company, its new 3D bioprinter can accommodate and print in a wide range of biomaterials, including heart, skin, cartilage, or bone tissues. In terms of features, the BIO X possesses user-exchangeable, intelligent printheads which themselves are capable of cooling and heating. Additionally, users will be able to choose from a range of extrusion methods to optimize the different bioinks and tissue materials.

BIO X also offers its users temperature control of the printbed which, according to CELLINK, also helps to increase the number of biomaterials that can be 3D printed on the machine. The 3D bioprinter also integrates CELLINK’s patent pending Clean Chamber Technology which uses a high-efficiency particulate arrestance (HEPA) air filter system.

CELLINK CEO and co-founder Erik Gatenholm said of the new bioprinter: “We are differentiators helping innovators succeed. We help researchers throughout the entire process and adapt to their needs, from providing the most user friendly technology to designing experiments, in order to help them achieve the results they desire. The BIO X printer  will revolutionize the way bioprinting has been done in the last decade and open up a new path for scientist from multiple fields to come together and engineer human tissues.”

Currently, CELLINK’s innovative bioprinting technology is already being used in 28 countries, and has been employed by universities MIT and Harvard, the FDA, and a number of recognized cosmetic companies. The company, which was officially founded in January 2016, has certainly come a long way in a short time, and has been a crucial player in the advancement of 3D bioprinting applications.

3D bioprinting, as we know, has many potential applications in fields such as drug discovery, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine.

CELLINK's Inkredible bioprinter at work



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