Jan 20, 2017 | By Tess

Barcelona-based jewelry equipment supplier Hispana De Maquinaria has introduced the UVital DLP 3D printing system. The 3D printer, which utilizes a DLP projection system to cure photosensitive resins, is capable of additively manufacturing small non-metal parts with high surface resolution, ideal for things like jewelry prototypes, molds, and final products. Hispana De Maquinaria expects that its UVital DLP 3D printer will also have applications in other fields, such as the dental and medical sectors, engineering, bioengineering, consumer product manufacturing, and more.

The UVital IP-45 3D printer, which utilizes an array of LED lights rather than a xenon lamp for its projection, offers users a high level of parameter control and professional results. The DLP printer, which can print at a resolution of 50 μm, has a relatively small build volume (64 x 40 x 130 mm), which makes it ideal for making jewelry, hearing aids, or dental molds.

The choice to use an LED matrix rather than another type of a bulb lamp offers a number of advantages for the 3D printer’s operation. According to Hispana De Maquinaria, the LED system requires very little calibration and is guaranteed for 10,000 hours of continuous work. The cost of LEDs is also reasonable, and because the diodes do not generate heat while in use, the 3D printer only requires a simple cooling system. UVital’s projector can be set to work at two different wavelengths: 405 and 385nm.

Other notable features of the new UVital IP-45 3D printer are a precise linear Z-offset guide, which ensures optimal layer-to-layer positioning; an innovative coplanarity Ball Head System, which keeps the construction platform and tray in line; and precise temperature control, which helps to keep the resins at the correct temperature and consistency.

More standard features, according to the Spanish company, include: top quality finish; fast construction (due to the simultaneous construction of layers); high precision in terms of size, symmetry, and replication; low material consumption; and low maintenance cost, largely because there are no extruders or laser units involved. Additionally, users should find it easy to switch between different types of resin using the UVital 3D printer.

In terms of operation, users can visualize their print’s progress on a 16 x 20 mm screen, and can make adjustments to certain controls and settings via a 7” touch screen and control panel membrane keyboard. Wireless control is also possible, through a computer, tablet, or smartphone. The control panel has been strategically placed so that if material splashes ever occur it will be safe.

The UVital IP-45 3D printer is also equipped with a photo-protective hood that keeps in-progress prints safe while letting the user see the print as it is made, layer by layer. Once the print is complete, users can then raise the protective hood using an electric lift system, which evenly and carefully raises the cover.

The DLP 3D printer is listed on Drawercad for €16,456 (tax included).



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