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Anyone who has considered buying a 3D printer, whether for personal use or for commercial purposes, will know that there are a wealth of options out there to choose from. Now, thanks to North Dakota-based developer B9Creations, there is another 3D printer series on the market, and it looks well worth considering. B9Creations, responsible for the popular and well-reviewed B9Creator resin 3D printer, recently launched its new B9 Core Series, which includes the B9 Core 530 and the B9 Core 550 resin 3D printers. According to the company, its new 3D printer series aims to be “the new industry leader in production, speed, and simplicity.”

B9Creations CEO Shon Anderson explained that the new B9 Core 3D printer series was born out of a need to meet demand for businesses seeking affordable, but still high-quality 3D printing solutions. He says, “Thousands of businesses told us they felt stuck choosing between low-cost technology that was slow and labor intensive or easier to use technology that cost a fortune to own and operate. Their feedback motivated us to create the new B9 Core Series, offering a combination of resolution, speed, and first-class user experience, never-before found at this price.”

The new resin-based 3D printers both integrate B9Creations’ patented and patent-pending 3D printing technology and are powered by an industrial HD LED light engine. According to the company, this combination of elements has enable the B9 Core Series machines to additively manufacture at speeds of up to 100+ mm per hour, four times faster than the industry average.

In terms of operation, it seems user friendliness was a top priority for B9Creations, as they’ve done their best to optimize the overall printing experience with a new and remarkably simple touchscreen user interface, a new and bigger resin vat that should last for hundreds of prints, a range of connectivity options (which include WiFi, Ethernet, and USB), and an updated and improved 3D print software. The company has also simplified the process by eliminating the “complexities of calibrations and tuning,” which should reduce time spent on 3D printer maintenance. Additionally, the 3D printer’s built-in fume and odor filtration system make it a suitable option for use in an office or other production environment.

With applications including jewelry making, rapid prototyping, industrial design, and engineering, the new B9 Core Series printers are made from industrial-grade parts that allow the machines to withstand continual use and to print high quality duplicate models without ever compromising the original design. Taking the speed factor into account, this means you could feasibly print hundreds of small, highly precise models in eight to 10 hours.

As part of the series, B9Creations is offering two different models, the B9 Core 530 and the B9 Core 550, whose main differences are build size and resolution. The B9 Core 530, for instance, has a resolution of 30 μ and a build size of 57.6 x 32.4 x 127 mm, while the B9 Core 550 has a resolution of up to 50 μ and has a slightly bigger build volume of 96 x 54 x 127 mm. Speed is also a variant between the two printer models, as the B9 Core 530 has an average build speed range of 20-30 minutes per inch for the full envelope, making it ideal for custom production. Because of the B9 Core 550’s larger build envelope, ideal for larger-scale models, speeds range between 40-60 minutes per inch for the full envelope.

In terms of available resin materials, B9Creations offers three: B9R Emerald, ideal for high-detail investment casting; B9R Yellow, for high-detail investment casting but with the cleanest burnout; and B9R Black, ideal for fast printing design verification. Of course, the B9 Core Series printers can also accommodate third-party resins, so your options are extensive.

Founder and CTO of B9Creations, Mike Joyce, concluded: “The look is new and the company has grown, [but our] passion remains the same—making high-resolution 3D printing technology work for your business.”



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