Jan 25, 2017 | By Tess

It’s been a busy week in terms of company reappointments, acquisitions, and partnerships in the 3D printing industry. SLM Solutions shocked us all with the announcement of its CEO’s removal, American engineering firm Galenfeha, Inc. announced its intent to acquire Additive Manufacturing LLC for $14 million, Australia-based 333D and CreoPop have partnered to develop a new 3D printer, and all that was just yesterday! Now, San Diego-based automation and 3D printing company SD3D has announced it has completed the acquisition of Polish software company Printelize. The acquisition price remains undisclosed.

Founded in 2015 by Tomasz Cichowicz, Printelize is an online sales automation software that is aimed at helping businesses that offer 3D printing services, making orders easier for both the businesses and their clients. SD3D, which had been one of Printelize’s clients and employed its auto-quoting and client management system for 3D printing services, set out to acquire the software company after realizing its potential value.

According to a press release about the acquisition, the deal includes both Printelize Professional, a customizable web-based platform through which companies of any size can offer their new clients auto-quoting solutions and can manage their 3D printing orders, and Printelize Marketplace, which, if you hadn't guessed, is a platform through which users with 3D models can connect with users who have 3D printers.

Printelize Professional

As the new owners of the 3D printing sales automation software company, SD3D will reportedly maintain Printelize’s current client base and continue to offer its automation services to them. In addition to maintaining existing features, which the clients are used to, the 3D printing solutions company will also develop and integrate a number of new features, such as automatic file conversion and mesh healing. According to SD3D, it plans to develop the Printelize platform as a “robust, feature-rich 3D printing operating system and automation platform.”

Cichowicz, now the former CEO of Printelize, stated: “I'm thrilled to have a team like SD3D be as passionate about Printelize as I am. Me and my team built Printelize to solve large issues in the 3D printing industry and are excited to see what SD3D does with it from here. The enterprise software we created is the ultimate answer to the needs for digital transformation of the industry. At the end of the day we saw more added value of integrating our innovation into SD3D than doing it ourselves.”

Looking forwards, CEO of SD3D David Feeney commented, “The acquisition of Printelize provides incredible competitive and strategic advantages that will allow us to better serve the needs of our current and future customers. SD3D is in the process of creating an end to end 3D printing automation platform for businesses, and the Printelize software will serve as the foundation.”

Readers may be familiar with some of SD3D’s work, as they successfully constructed a fully 3D printed skateboard, and broke the record for largest 3D printed city model (a feat which took over 3000 hours of 3D printing).



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