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While most of us are growing increasingly dependent on our smartphones—for communication, up-to-date news, but also for the time and date—one design studio has taken it upon itself to bring things back a bit, to remind us that we can, indeed, cope without our hand-held screens. Spanish design studio Yonoh has created the Perpetuum Calendar, a 3D printed analogue calendar that incorporates an architectural aesthetic with tactile interaction.

Part of 3D printed homeware brand OTHR’s gradually growing collection, the 3D printed calendar resembles a sort of three-tiered ruler, which displays all the months and days of the month in a linear manner. Two small timepieces, which rest in the grooves above the month and day sections, are meant to be moved manually each day, easily and aesthetically keeping track of the date.

Yonoh founders Clara del Portillo and Alex Selma, who have designed everything from flower pots to children’s parks, say their goal with the Perpetuum Calendar was to create something that required human interaction, thus drawing the user’s attention away from the seemingly ubiquitous screen and back to the physical world, if only for an instant.

Interestingly, for the calendar’s design they were inspired by architecture dating back to the 20th century’s industrial revolution, also known as the Technological Revolution. As the designers state on their website, “Perpetuum’s shape is a nod to the ‘sawbooth’ roofs of factories built in the 1920s and 30s. The calendar’s 3D printed fabric base emulates the era’s move towards the synthetic, gracefully guiding an antiquated material into the 21st century.”

As mentioned, the minimalist 3D printed calendar is being featured on OTHR, an online 3D printed homeware brand that features the work of various designers. Customers can purchase the 3D printed calendar for $470 and choose from two different finishes: gray metallic plastic or jet black nylon. Both options come with 14K gold-plated timepieces.

OTHR, which first launched last year, was founded by designers Joe Doucet, Dean Disimone, and Evan Clabots. Together, they set out to produce a brand that featured functional but still beautiful household items produced using technological manufacturing methods, such as 3D printing. By partnering with notable designers from around the world, OTHR has showcased a number of stunning 3D printed homeware pieces that are, thanks to their 3D printed nature, only manufactured on an order-by-order basis.



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