Feb 3, 2017 | By Tess

Just before the new year, we reported that Cyprus-based 3D printer developer Ilios was regrettably closing its doors. The company’s founder, Demetris Zavorotnitsienko, attributed the closure to a lack of funds and operational difficulties. In a surprising turn of events, however, Zavorotnitsienko has just announced he is determined to keep his company going and is hoping to change his luck with the development of the new Ilios Photon 2 UV DLP 3D printer.

Undeniably determined, the Ilios founder is taking a slightly different business approach with his new 3D printer. As he explains, he is primarily developing the Ilios Photon 2 3D printer for himself, to be used as a “workhorse with an easy-to-use setup and minimal maintenance.” On a commercial level, Zavorotnitsienko wants his new 3D printer to be a reliable, good quality UV DLP 3D printer that dedicated users can depend on.

That is, rather than try to compete with the “fastest” or “cheapest” DLP 3D printers, the Ilios founder is working on building a good quality machine, driven by a “you get what you pay for” ethos. As he says, “The price of the 3D printer reflects its features and quality. I won't try to lower it as you do get what you pay for and all parts as well as their sum are definitely worth the cost.” The cost of the DLP 3D printer, if you’re wondering, is €3,265.

According to the developer, the new Ilios Photo2 UV DLP 3D printer incorporates many features that were requested via customer feedback. These include an RF-ID Door Lock (requested by educational institutions, he says), UV protective surroundings, removable VAT, and variable resolution (a suggestion made by jewellers and dentists).

In addition to these features, Zavorotnitsienko also mentions that he has a “very good supplier” for UV-based DLP projectors, which do not require lamp replacements, do not overheat, and are compact enough for UV DLP tech. To enable variable resolution, the projector is controlled by an automatically motorized system, which essentially moves the UV DLP projector up and down to change resolution.

The Ilios Photon 2 3D printer will also incorporate some features from previous Ilios products, most notably its Linux OS operating system, which runs in tandem with the user interface and, with its HTML server, allows users to operate and control the 3D printer remotely, from virtually anywhere in the world. “Although there wasn't any funding for advertisement or fancy video presentations, this is a set of features which almost no manufacturer provides to this extent and it definitely is a plus when 3D printing,” he says.

Ultimately, Zavorotnitsienko is hoping to offer a reliable, easy-to-use UV DLP 3D printer in the Ilios Photon 2, one that can be pre-assembled and shipped in a single box, and that has both technical and aesthetic qualities. The way things are looking, the developer’s confidence surrounding his new 3D printer seems justified. “DLP is the best solution to achieve the reliability and speed and the fact that the projector is UV based is a big bonus,” he commented.

For the moment, the Cyprus-based developer is putting all his efforts towards improving and perfecting the Ilios Photon 2 (which marks the 5th generation of Ilios 3D printer). This means that while Ilios may not be putting out any other new products besides it, those looking to invest in an Ilios Photon 2 will be provided with “plenty of support and updates”.

Those who do purchase the new Ilios Photon 2 UV DLP 3D printer can expect their order to be shipped within 30 days. As the maker explains, while most of the printer’s parts are already in his workshop, he has to wait for the UV DLP projectors and Spindle assemblies for the lift to be delivered.



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