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If you thought 3Doodled Eiffel Towers were impressive, just wait till you get a look at this absolutely stunning miniature chair made using just a 3Doodler 3D pen. Created by Korean designer Jungsub Shim, the intricately designed chair is an undeniable feat for 3D printing pen art, as well as furniture design.

The 3Doodled chair, dubbed "Connect," is made up of a complex, handmade lattice structure that is actually capable of supporting a person. So, if you thought 3D pens were only good for silly knick knacks, now might be an appropriate time to reconsider their potential. According to Shim, he worked on the chair for roughly eight hours a day for an entire two months to complete the project.

Mimicking the automation of a machine, Shim built up the chair line by line using repetitive motions with the 3Doodler pen, a device which extrudes melted plastic filament that solidifies in mid air.

"It resembles what most modern people do at work," explained the designer. ”Like the work done by factory workers in the industrial world, or the monks training themselves in prayer through the same movement every day.” Shim, a student at the Hongik University in Seoul, South Korea, undertook the 3D chair project as part of a woodworking and furniture design course.

As you may have guessed from the chair’s name, “Connect,” Shim was inspired by the theme of connections in making them piece of furniture. Sure enough, if you look closely at the chair’s intricate structure, it is possible to discern likenesses between its design and neural network visualizations. According to the designer, he was inspired most by global internet connections and the human brain.

“Connect visualizes in detail the figure of modern people living with connections, as well as showing the effect of coincidence when each connection creates a structure with more complexity and variations," he commented.

Developed by WobbleWorks, Inc., the 3Doodler 3D pen was first introduced in 2013 through a very successful Kickstarter campaign. Since then, the 3D pen brand has become one of the most recognized in the industry, and has released a number of new and improved versions of its product, including the 3Doodler 2.0, the 3Doodler Create, the 3Doodler Start, and most recently, the 3Doodler Pro.

Over recent years, we’ve seen and covered a number of notable projects that have involved 3D pens. And while the technology is not strictly “3D printing”, 3D pens have offered an accessible entry point into 3D technologies, especially in the artistic sector.

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