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Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, is a cornerstone of modern physics. His work in the first half of the 20th century, as many will know, included the groundbreaking General Theory of Relativity, as well as other theoretical physics work. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, which was originally published in 1916, the Albert Einstein Foundation has created a 3D printed book in the shape of the Nobel Prize’s winner’s recognizable face.

The impressive 3D printed book, called Genius: 100 Visions of the Future, was designed by Israeli artist and architect Ron Arad and was conceived of by the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Not only does it resemble the German-born physicist (with his bushy moustache), but its pages contain thoughts about the future and our world written by one-hundred “leading influencers, thinkers, artists, and scientists” from our time.

Genius contributors include author Deepak Chopra, astronaut Chris Hadfield, architect Frank Gehry, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, rockstar Bob Weir (of the Grateful Dead), stem cell scientist Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, and many more.

Canadian Paralympic athlete Rick Hansen, known for his Man in Motion World Tour, is also included in the commemorative publication. As he told the press, "For me, the notion of contribution is consistent with my 30-year journey that has been underway which first started with my 'Man in Motion' world tour ... trying to create awareness about the potential of people with disabilities, to move the stigma from negative to positive.”

“I hope that by being selected that really I can shine a light on this important, necessary global movement and some of the issues to consider, and perhaps leave a challenge for others to get involved, to make a difference and to help join this ultramarathon of social change,” he added.

As mentioned, the 3D printed book is designed by globally renowned Israeli artist Ron Arad, who we’ve paid particular attention to in the past for his amazing 3D printed sunglasses. Arad said he was inspired by Einstein’s own innovations to create something totally new for the commemoration of his work. The 3D printed Einstein shaped book, possibly the first 3D printed book to be published on a significant scale, definitely qualifies as something new, we’d say.

The 3D printed publication is expected to launch at the “Dinner of the Century” event, hosted by the Albert Einstein Foundation. Held on September 10, 2017, the dinner will bring together the contributors from the book, as well as “young Einsteins and dignitaries from around the world.” Only about 500 copies of the 3D printed book are rumored to be made.



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