Feb 20, 2017 | By Benedict

DottyAR, the cloud-based 3D model viewer for augmented reality model viewing, is now available on IOS. Dotty Digital, the company behind the 3D platform, is also developing two new DottyAR features that will be implemented later this year.

If you like to share your 3D models with friends, or frequently collaborate with other 3D designers on 3D printing projects, you may well be familiar with 3D model platform DottyView, the self-styled DropBox of 3D printing. Created by Australian startup Dotty Digital, the platform last year received a sister augmented reality platform, bringing 3D models into the world around you via clever camera software. Dotty has now opened up its DottyAR services to a whole new demographic, having just released the IOS version of the platform, and is plotting to launch two exciting new features later this year.

Although many serious 3D designers favor Linux or even Windows operating systems for developing flexibility, catering to the Apple demographic remains imperative for software developers of any kind. For Dotty, the IOS launch of its 3D augmented reality model viewer has been a long time coming, but Apple users can use Dotty on their iPads and iPhones, taking their 3D model design and collaboration on the road and putting their 3D creations into the world around them with the cameras of their portable devices.

In addition to preparing the IOS version of DottyAR, Dotty Digital has also been working on two exciting new features for its 3D model viewing software. One is the forthcoming DottyPreview, a button that will allow third parties to embed DottyAR capabilities into their websites, letting website visitors experience the AR 3D models before downloading DottyAR for themselves. This will benefit businesses looking to show off their AR capabilities while simultaneously spreading the word about DottyAR.

DottyAR iPhone screenshots

Dotty Digital is also working on a module that will allow users to instantly send 3D AR content to a 3D printer, bridging the gap between the two technologies and removing the need for a PC in between. This feature has been described by the company as “a new way to materialize anything in your environment.” Both forthcoming features are expected to be implemented sometime later this year.

The DottyAR IOS app is free to download, contains no adverts, and is compatible with Apple devices running IOS 8.0 or later. Dotty describes it as “the first simple-to-use app that allows you to see your own 3D models in Augmented Reality.”



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