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Leading Canadian metals and industrial parts manufacturer Samuel, Son & Co., Ltd. has announced it will be increasing its stake in 3D printing technologies through the acquisition of Burloak Technologies, a Dundas, Ontario-based additive manufacturing solutions company. Founded in 1855, Samuel, Son & Co. is one of the oldest and most established companies in the Canadian metals industry.

Peter Adams, President of Burloak Technologies (left); Colin Osbourne, President of Samuel Manufacturing (right) 

Samuel, Son & Co. recently signed an agreement to buy Burloak Technologies, a company founded in 2005 which specializes in engineering and designing 3D printing solutions, including DMLS metal 3D printing, and SLS plastic 3D printing. The acquisition will mark Samuel, Son & Co.’s first significant move into the additive manufacturing industry, a move which is expected to further reinforce its leading position in the market.

“We are very excited about this announcement and what it will mean to Samuel and its customers,” commented Colin Osborne, President of Samuel Manufacturing. “Every indicator is pointing to additive manufacturing and 3D printing being a disruptive technology in many of the industries we supply.”

Samuel says it plans to “rapidly scale” Burloak’s current operations so that it can integrate and offer metal 3D printing solutions at its many facilities across North America. Burloak Technologies, for its part, has experience designing, prototyping, and developing production grade parts for the aerospace, defense, and commercial industries. Samuels’ acquisition of Burloak has the potential to result in the “strongest independent supply chain solution” in North America.

Peter Adams, President of Burloak Technologies issued a statement about the acquisition: “I strongly believe this deal will deliver a level of stability and scale to the additive supply chain that both larger manufacturers and specialty players have been waiting for. It combines the stability, expertise and financial strength of a 160-year-old North American powerhouse in the metals market, with the passion for transformational engineering and manufacturing solutions that is part of the Burloak culture.”

In 2014, Burloak Technologies announced it would be opening Canada’s first full production 3D printing center. The timeline for the center, which saw it operational by 2019, has not been addressed by Burloak Technologies or Samuel, Son & Co.

Currently, Samuel, Son & Co. has over 100 facilities across the North American continent and employs over 4,800 people. With a network of over 40,000 customers, the well-established company provides metal manufacturing, processing, and distribution services. There is no word on whether management of Burloak Technologies will stay the same.



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