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Innovative 3D company Shining 3D will be demonstrating its range of 3D printing, scanning and digitization products at this year’s International Dental Show in Germany. The show is a chance for companies from all around the world to flaunt the various technological breakthroughs they have made that will move dental treatment forward, and Shining 3D has a particularly impressive body of work to make the industry aware of.

Based in Hangzhou, China, Shining 3D has been providing 3D technology solutions for over 10 years, and has established itself as the national market leader. Specializing in the advancement of the 3D industry in various directions, it has patented 3D scanners, 3D printers and manufacturing services, as well as its own network cloud platform. Some of its most significant achievements include its being the first drafting unit for the industrial standard for the National White Light 3D Measurement System, as well as being selected as the Vice-presidential facility for the Zhejiang Industrial Design Association. The company is allied with Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University and the South China University of Technology, and it has successfully provided 3D products for such large international companies as Adidas, Bosch and Intel.

Shining 3D has already established 10 subsidiary companies in China, and is now hoping to build on this success to expand globally, with a particular focus on revolutionizing the dental industry in the USA and Europe. Over 1,000 Chinese dental hospitals and labs have collaborated with Shining 3D, advancing the process of introducing 3D and digital innovations into dental care. Now dental patients in Europe and the USA will be able to take advantage of these same developments.

3D scanning and digitization can benefit the dental sector in a variety of ways, and Shining 3D has produced three different types of dental 3D scanners and three different types of dental 3D printer according to various needs. Their repertoire of specialized devices includes an IOS (Intra-Oral Scanner), DLP/SLA Resin Dental Printers and an SLM 3D Metal Printer. These tools give dentists and orthodontists an unprecedented power to improve the dental health of their patients. Pre-operative planning for jaw surgery and orthodontics, as well as creating surgical guides for implants and metal crowns, are all made much more effective, and a range of wax types are available. According to research carried out by Shining 3D, making 70~100 metal crowns by hand can take 8-10 hours. Shining 3D’s Dental 3D printer can deal with this same workload in 2 hours, massively increasing the efficiency of a dental lab and decreasing wait times for patients.

Shining 3D is poised to take the European dental industry by storm, and further advance 3D printing technology in Europe at the same time. Not only that, but its subidiary, Shining 3D Digital Dentistry, also plans to set up a new subsidiary company in the USA, specifically to provide its 3D printers and 3D scanners for the American dental sector.

IDS 2017 is the 37th annual event, and it presents a perfect opportunity for Shining 3D to show what it is capable of. It takes place in Cologne, from the 21st March to the 25th.



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